The Project "Integrated System of Services for Early Childhood" promoted by the Municipality of Bra and funded by the CRC Foundation and is aimed at parents of children aged 0-6. "Parenting Security Circle" meetings will be held at the Nest on the following dates: 20 / 11, 4 / 12,11 / 12, 08 / 01, 22 / 01, 12 / 02, 26 / 02, 19 / 03.
Given the high number of subscriptions you can choose to join the group from 17-19 or the group from 19 to 21. Here is the program of the month of November 2018


For families who apply Bonus Nursery 2017, supplied by INPS, the Asylum communal nest of Bra (the headquarters in Via Caduti del Lavoro), releases of insertion statements in the child's ranking required to submit questions for children who still do not attend the nest. For info and inquiries . Please note that bonus applications can be submitted by accessing the on-line telematic services; by calling the inbound 803 164 (free fixed line) or 06 164 164 mobile number; by contacting Patronati or other authorized intermediaries.

Activated in the 2008 takes place every day of the week at the 3 educational facilities based on the availability of the seats, it provides for the welcome of children of 18-36 months without the presence of family or parental figures, as the children are welcomed by the staff educational and included in the group of other children; the custody is guaranteed by the educational staff of the services.

Currently the attendance of the Giocanido is subordinate to the availability of seats and reserved to children who regularly attend the Noah's Ark; represents a first socialization experience in anticipation of the beginning of the School of Infancy. The service is activated from Monday to Friday from 8,30 to 12,30. The daily cost is 18 euro per day, including meal. It is possible to purchase the bills for attendance at the Bureau.

The service must be made by booking, every single user can use the service for no more than 10 days per month during the days and opening of Nursing and Micronis services.

Children who do not need to attend the Nest, because they are entrusted with the care of their grandparents, can attend the Giocanido for a moment of relationship with the peers and at the same time their grandparents know they can have some free morning to devote themselves to their activities .

Extract of the Municipal Council Resolution no. 130 17.07.2017

to. The calendar of activities of early childhood municipal services is as follows:
the Municipal Nursery and the Micronids will be active from the 3 September 2018 to the 31 July 2019;
Municipal nursery and Micronids will be closed:

- the 02.11.2018 on the occasion of the All Saints bridge
- from 24.12.2017 to 04.01.2018 for Christmas holidays

- from 23 / 04 / 19 to 26 / 04 / 2019 for Easter Holidays and April 25 Bridge

b. Monthly rate
- The monthly full line is € 488,00
- the minimum monthly fee is € 206,00
- for cases reported by social services and whose income, wealth, living standards and municipal tax authorities' information show the need for the state, the monthly fee is set at € 66,00 not subject to the reductions provided for in points c , d, e.
- The full monthly fee for non-resident children in the Bra Commune is € 537,00

For users who intend to make use of any reductions they will have to submit to the Asilo Nido office upon admission and for the years following the first application for a special module and the ISEE attestation for performance ages for minors under validity; any adjustments as a result of changes in family and economic conditions may take effect from the month following that of such new declarations.
Following the submission of the ISEE attestation for child benefit relief, validity will be calculated by applying the formula:

€ 488,00 (full line) x ISEE for facilitated services for minors

customized line = ----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

€ 20.000,00 (ISEE access threshold for benefits)

c. Time slots:
Four hours of use of the Nursery Service are established:

first band: 7,30 -13,00 hours

second band: 7,30 -16,30 hours

third band: 7,30-18,15 hours

fourth band: 12,30-18,15

The monthly fee set is adjusted according to the hours of use for the month in question:
- the rate is increased by 10% if the user has the 3 ° hourly range from 7,30 hours to 18,15;
- the rate is reduced by 20% if you use the 1 ° hourly range from 7.30 hours to 13,00 or from 12,30 to 18,15;
- To the 2 ^ hourly user who, in special situations (eg family or work or bad weather), is using the service beyond the 16.30, the amount of € 4,2 for each day will be charged on monthly basis attendance at the post-office service. This frequency mode is allowed for no more than 10 days per month.

If the user exceeds the 10 monthly attendance beyond 16.30, the 10% increase will be applied.
- to the user who is registered in 1 ^ time zone, which in special circumstances (eg family or work or bad weather) is entitled to service beyond 13.00 hours, will be charged on the monthly fee of € 10,00 for each afternoon afternoon. This frequency mode is allowed for no more than 5 days per month. In case the user exceeds 5 monthly attendance beyond 13.00 hours, the 20% increase will be applied.

d. Reductions
- In the case of 2 or more children, parents will contribute with the full right for the lower child for the 75% for the 2 ° child and for the 50% for the other children
- In the case of children who are resident in Bra and disabled, certified by the ASL's NPI Service, the applicable rule is the minimum of € 206,00 regardless of the familial ISEE; if the conditions are reserved for social cases, this rule is reduced to € 66,00.
Only in the event that during the year there are worse economic situations, independent of parents' wishes, and can be verified through the social services of the SOC Social District District 2 and the information of the municipal tax authorities, it will be possible to assess the possible reduction of the straight, not less than € 206,00.

is. Discounts for Absences

- after 5 days of absence for any reason, even non-consecutive, starting from 6 ° day
daily is reduced by 25% of its amount and is calculated on the time band used in the month.
- In case of monthly attendance equal to or less than 5 days, due to health reasons justified by
statement by the attending physician, the monthly fee is reduced by 35% in reference to the time slot used.
- On the occasion of the closing of the service for the Christmas or Easter holidays, this reduction will be
equal to 80%.
- On the occasion of extraordinary closures (maintenance interventions, strikes), this reduction
it will be of 100%
- is considered "absence" every day of non-presence of the child at the Nest, except

written communication of dismissal from the family and registered by the Municipality.

f. Frequency resignation mode:
- Parents can resign their child from the frequency of the Nursery at any time of the year by written communication. We do not accept resignation in July for children born in 2014. For Lattanti or Semidivezzi subscribers, however, registration requirements will still be considered valid for the next school year.
- If there are special situations that do not allow the family to pay regular payments, the family will have to provide timely communication and comprehensive documentation to the Nursery Office of the Municipality.
- In the case of non-payment of the line assigned for at least 2 months, without the above conditions being fulfilled, the Manager of Socioscleric Division will formally require the balance of the entire debt within 30 days of the written communication. In the event of non-fulfillment, the office will be vacated and the place will be assigned to another applicant.
- At the end of each school year, children whose families are not in line with the payments of the right can be admitted to attendance at the following year only after regularizing their position.

g. Documentation and Investigations:
At the time of admission and for the years following the first, the ISEE attestation shall be produced for child benefit under validity as provided in "be c" points. This attestation valid at the time of submission of the application is valid for the entire school year.
The Municipal Administration, pursuant to Art. 11 of the DPR 403 / 98, reserves the right to carry out appropriate controls to verify the truthfulness of what has been stated;
If the interested parties do not intend to submit the required documentation, the maximum fee will be applied.

h. Payment Methods:
The School - card system is in force for the payment of fees for the school year. On request, the bank account can be debited. The services must be paid within the 30 of the following month to use the service according to the rates established annually by the Municipal Administration. The debit date is scheduled for the 25 day or the first following working day and is related to the tuition fee for the nursery service used in the previous month.

The system automatically updates the accounting status of the payments made, allowing you to verify in real time the corresponding financial balance, positive or negative. If the payments are made late, the City Council will send a reminder letter and then, in case of non-compliance, the legal action will be initiated for the co-recoverable amount due.

All details on how to pay are available Let us know if you have any suggestions

"Integrated Services for Early Childhood"

The supplementary and complementary services to the Nido and the micronids, activated according to the availability of the places, are: Ancora-nido, Giocanido and Noce's Ark, and "1,2,3 .. nest". The frequency of Giocanido and "1,2,3 Nido" is reserved for children aged between the 12 and 24 months who have attended the Noah's Ark.
The Integration and Complementary Services quotas are as follows:

- Still-nest: Access is allowed in September to children born in the 2016 who have frequented the Nursery or Micrones up to the 31 / 07 / 19 and are awaiting admission to the infant school.
The family allowance shall be calculated in accordance with points b, c, d and, for days of attendance up to the day of written notice
- Noah's Ark: € 3 for each entry. To access the service, you must purchase a minimum of 5 inputs from the Bureau.
- "1,2,3 .. nido": in order to participate, you must buy at the Bureau the time cards and meal vouchers at the costs indicated in the following table:

Timetable validity buyable hours hourly cost meal cost
quarterly from 5 to 10 hours € 5,00 € 3,00
quarterly from 11 to 50 hours € 4,50 € 3,00
bimestrial from 51 to 100 hours € 4,00 € 3,00
bimestrial from 101 to 150 hours € 3,50 € 3,00
bimestrial over 151 hours € 3,30 € 0,00 (including meal)

- Giocanido: € 18,00 per day including meal, access to the service by purchasing 1 or multiple entries at the Bureau
In the case of 2 or more children, the quota for the 2 ° child will be reduced by 25% and 50% for the other children. Access to the Gammax is allowed from 8,30 hours at 12,30 for up to 10 days per month
- Entries purchased for services: Arca di Noè, Giocanido and unused "1,2,3 .. nest" will not be refunded

It is a service for children of age 12-36 months who regularly attend the center for children and families "Noah's Ark".

The service, which takes place at the Nido or the Micronids, provides for the reception of children without the presence of family and parental figures, as custody will be guaranteed by the educational staff in service.

This nursing formula has been specially designed to facilitate the parent or grandfather who cares about the baby's care, giving him the opportunity to give his baby for a few hours a day, prepared and stable educative figures, already Known by the child (as the Noah's Ark attending), in an environment appropriately prepared, safe and full of stimuli.

The service must be made by booking, every single user can avail of the service from one
minimum 2 hours to a maximum of 8 hours per day in the 8.30 / 16,30 time zone. The service will be activated according to the availability of the facility's postings in accordance with the current safety regulations.

The lines are shown in the table below and you can contact the Bureau for the purchase of the tiles.