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Wednesday, 10 November 2004 at the Carmagnola Municipal Council, the Committee of the Industrial District of Carmagnola-Bra to examine the proposal of a group of companies in Carmagnola and Sommariva Bosco for the creation of "energy cogeneration systems for agricultural, portable and residential. "
The project proposes the development of the first regional biogas plant in which a micro-co-generation system can be used, which can also use natural gas or propane. The Committee, composed of representatives of some of the municipalities in the district, the provincial administrations of Cuneo and Turin, the employers' and trade unions of the two territories, has the function of forming a local meeting place for the parties concerned on local industrial policy issues, as well as dealing with the animation of 24 / 97 regional law (the law on industrial districts that provides funding for specific initiatives made by groupings or consortia of operators present in the territory), highlighted how the project is consistent with the "Program of development "adopted by the District Committee in March this year, thus postponing the review of the aspects of consistency with the poll to the Piedmont Region Industry. (Rg)