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accident in holy cross
in the morning of October 29 a Fiat One led by CL and a Peugeot 205 led by OJ clashed in via Santa Croce for causes still being investigated by the crew of the Municipal Police Braidese intervening for the reliefs. In the left I am not wounded but only material damage to the vehicles involved; In addition, the Peugeot 205 driver has been withdrawn from the international driving license as a resident of Italy for more than a year and without an Italian driving license. incident in the vegetable garden
In the early afternoon of October 28 there was a road accident near the roundabout roundabout between a Peugeot 206 led by BM and a Ford Ka led by SM.Fortunately, the accident only resulted in material damage and the reliefs intervened a patrol of the Municipal Police of Bra.

accident in Umberto Street > In the late morning of October 28 in Umberto via Montegrappa intersection there was a sinister road between a renault 19 conducted by BG and a Volkswagen Polo conducted by RAOltre the material damage suffered by the vehicles the Polo driver had to resort to the care of the Bra's First Aid where a 10 days prognosis was released. A Municipal Rat Police Patrol intervened for the reliefs of the case.

stolen vehicle finding
in the morning of November 01 arrived at the Municipal Police Department of Treviso announcing a car parked in Montello for several days. He sent a patrol on the spot and found that the vehicle in question, an Autobianchi Y10, was stolen .

incident in Don Orione Street
In the morning of November 03 there was a road accident in Don Orione street at the 150 civic number that saw involved well 3 cars respectively a Fiat Panda led by DA, a Fiat Punto led by RM and a Volkswagen Golf conducted by KN. Luckily there was no physical damage to any of the people involved, only Panda and Golf could not start the march again because of the serious damage they had suffered. A Bra Patrol of the Municipal Police Department took place in order to make the case.
incident in isonzo
towards 18 05 November in via Isonzo intersection via San Giovanni Lontano a peugeot moped by CMed an Opel Astra led by PK have been clashing with the causes still being investigated by the Municipal Police Department of Bra intervening for the reliefs. In the clash the moped driver had the worst and had to resort to Bra's first aid care where he was diagnosed with a prognosis equal to 15 days.

incident in feathered street
At the 8 11 112 hours in November at Piumati XNUMX, at the height of elementary schools a Fiat Type led by TG and a Yamaha MF Moped Moped have been thrown out for reasons still being investigated by the Municipal Police of Bra.During the Significant operations showed that the car had not been subject to the prescribed periodic revision for which the agents proceeded to collect the card while the moped driver was accompanied at the Municipal Police headquarters for photo-recording and identification operations as they are clandestine.

accident in Via Cuneo intersection via Cocito
always on the day of 11 November to 13 hours a wounded road was wound up near the intersection with Cocito Street between a Lancia Y conducted by GC and a Nissan Micra led by SM. In addition to the material damage suffered by the two vehicles, one of the two drivers had to resort to Bra's first aid care. The causes of the accident are being investigated by the Police Department of the Braidese Police intervening for the reliefs.