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Saturday 20 November 2004 will take place, in Bra, the "jazz improvisation" course held by Professor Giuseppe Bima within the activities of the Civic musical institute "Adolfo Gandino". The lessons that will involve the training course, aiming to highlight the potential of the participants in combining technique and improvisation skills, will be fifteen and will be held throughout the school year 2004 / 2005. During the appointments, all instrumentalists will be left plenty of room for the jazz theory, even with harmonic notions, as well as the instrumental practice under the supervision of Giuseppe Bima, pianist of the "BBB Orchestra" with numerous concerts that of teaching. If you are interested in participating in the course, you can still sign up at the Gandino Institute Secretariat via Parpera 6 or call the 0172.44465 number (for more information on (Rg)