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It will be the principles contained in the new European Constitution, signed in the Capitol on October 29 by the heads of state of the twenty-five member states of the EU, at the center of the afternoon debate scheduled in Bra on Saturday 20 November 2004. During the 16 hours, in the conference room of the Cultural Resistance Center "Giovanni Arpino" of wide resistance, the Eussor network organized a meeting in the framework of "1000 Debates for Europe", initiated on a proposal by the Presidents of Parliament and the Commission to discuss local issues of the Treaty of Rome. The appointment will be opened by the greeting of the Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, followed by the intervention of Professor Maba-Sebastiani, creator of the Eussor network and of Dr. Emanuela Valentino, who will deepen the themes of the European Union's constitutional charter together to the possible economic implications that the document may allow. In addition to giving room for the presentation of the main cities of the city, which are already engaged in the supranational field, the encounter of Arpino will serve to highlight the "Open Armed Tourism" initiative, which will propose a new way of understanding the promotion of local typologies in continental scope.
Specific spaces will be reserved for public administrators and the world of economics, with a reflection on the potentialities and opportunities that the development of the European dimension of the various markets can offer. Entry is free. (Rg)