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Even a small gesture can help achieve great results. The Joint Municipal Network, the association that has more than one hundred communes along the Peninsula, including Bra, in order to gather international experience of international cooperation implemented by local authorities, organized a "Solidarity Lottery" to fund activities of awareness and intervention on issues of international cooperation. In each municipality involved in the network, prizes of typical local food such as wines, cheeses or sweets have been put up for sale, which can be won by those who buy tickets for sale at one euro each.
The extraction of the winning coupons will be carried out on December 30, while tickets are on sale at the Informagiovani of Bra in Via Barbacana 6 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8: 30 to 12: 45 and 15 to 16, while on Friday only in the morning from 8: 30 to 12: 45. Also at the Informagiovani there is a detailed list of the prize money of a lottery that has its essence in the awareness of the importance of cooperating with the less fortunate areas of the world. (Rg)