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What are the ways to reconcile family and work needs for women in the new millennium? Responding to the question will be representatives of the local economy and social forces in the country, who will evaluate the opportunities offered by the legislation also in light of the latest provisions, increasingly flexible-oriented as a model to reconcile demand needs and job offerings. All this will take place during a conference entitled "Women and Work. What is the conciliation flexibility? ", Scheduled at Bra, in the halls of the Large Resistance Cultural Center" Giovanni Arpino "on Saturday 13 November 2004 from 9: 15 to 13: 30. The work will be attended by the Provincial Councilor for Equality, Franca Turco, the Regional Secretary Fai-Cisl Piemonte Claudio Risso, Marinella Candido of Cgil Provincial Secretariat of Cgil, Stefania Bergia of the Trade Union Office of the Industrial Union of Cuneo, the payroll and political payroll manager of the work of Ascom Bra, Pierfranco Arlorio, and the director of the Braid Artisan Association, Remo Bertello. With them, Lucilla Ciravegna, head of the Alba-Bra Employment Center and Romano Calvo's work policy expert, will moderate the interventions.
The Bravo City Councilor Roberto Russo and the head of the Active Municipal Policy Service, Elena Saglietti, will be involved in the debate, followed by Chiara Pedemonte of the Social Bear Cooperative, who will report on the results obtained with the project "Trainee". Prior to the Round Table, which addresses the issues of flexibility of work in the area, also in the light of local women's predominance, two instruments will be presented by the "Biagi Law" (the instrument that has reformed the field of contract work in the field of work). whose dissemination could ensure a better reconciliation of the times and needs of women with those required by the labor market. These are the figures of the "Job sharing" and "Telecommuting", which will be illustrated by bringing examples of real applications of these methods of use that have already begun in important territories.
The conference, whose participation is open to all, is organized by the City of Bra, from the Province of Cuneo-Centers for Employment and the association working to learn. " (Rg)