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Possibility of addressing issues that want to raise awareness, reflect and invoke confrontation on topics such as penitentiary and alternative sentences, criminal mediation experiences, and damage compensation in the social context. The opportunity, starting on Monday 27 September 2004, is to follow a training and deepening course, for five evening rendezvous for citizenship, promoted by the Municipalities of Bra and Alba, in collaboration with the Casa Circondariale di Alba and the Adult Social Center of Cuneo, under the "Agora" project. Paths of Social Inclusion ", funded by the Piedmont Region. The first meeting will be engaging, as rapporteur, Magistrate Marco Bouchard, author of numerous essays on "restorative justice", which will address this issue in particular, focusing on a form of response to the offense involving the offender but also the community and the victim, in the search for possible solutions to the effects of the offense and in the commitment to repair its consequences. Participation in the training course is free and, upon request, a certificate of participation will be issued to the interested students. (Va)