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Questions, not later than the 12 5 November 2004, for the assignment of public housing residences. This is foreseen by the new call for new accommodation or others that will be available for residents in the municipalities of Bra, Cherasco, Narzole, Verduno, La Morra, Pocapaglia, Sommariva Pin, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva Bosco, Ceresole d'Alba and Sanfré. For those who reside outside this territorial catchment area, you may apply for a claim in the municipality where the main activity is carried out. Requests must be submitted on the distribution forms in the municipal offices from September 20. The 5 November term is peremptory, as no applications will be accepted after this deadline, although for workers emigrated abroad, the term is extended by thirty days. Just in these days, posters have been posted in the city that aim to inform citizens about the opening of the call. (Rg)