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On Tuesday 7 September 2004 the Council of Bra. In a river session lasting nearly eight hours, the assembly discussed the program for the five-year rule of Mayor Camillo Scimone, as well as establishing Board Committees. At the beginning of the evening, the President of the City Council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, observed a minute of silence in memory of Beslan's victims as well as in memory of some recently wandering citizens. He then took the floor of the first citizen who announced that he had assigned some delegations to four counselors, who would join the Councilors in some matters of their competence. The new delegates are Valter Bergesio (Northern League) in the fields of valorisation of local language and traditions, twinning and cultural exchanges; Giuseppe Canalis (Project Bra) will deal with neighborhood and district committees as well as cemetery policies; Giovanni Fogliato (Margherita) will continue his commitment to the activities of the "Peace School", while Pier Giorgio Pirra (National Alliance) has been commissioned to deal with the institution in the city of a police post.
A committee to monitor the work of Piazza Venti Settembre
We have received the chapter of the interpellations, presented by the councilors of the various teams to get information or suggestions from the City Council on a wide range of topics, many of which are relevant to work in the city. Among them the most anticipated was certainly the situation in Piazza Venti Settembre, the historic town center, where a few days have begun the trade restructurings. At the request of the parent company of An Pier Giorgio Pirra, the Trade Councilor Gian Carlo Balestra has traced the way that led the previous administration to approve the works, "a part of a larger commercial center reclamation project, thanks to which regional contributions have also been paid to citizen operators. "
Balestra himself also announced that a work monitoring committee will be set up, also attended by the same dealers. "We know that we will surely suffer discomfort during the work," Balestra said, "but we will do everything because they are at least minimized." The situation of Piazza Venti Settembre was also attended by Vice Mayor Giovanni Comoglio, who stated that the project foresees that at the end of the works the return of the market place on the square and one of its qualifying points is that despite the intervention, there will be fewer parking lots, as the "project is primarily aimed at the upgrading of the natural shopping centers and for which it has received maximum funding from the regional administration".

She is discussing the Bandito sewerage network
Public works are protagonists in the space reserved for queries. Councilor Dallorto pointed out the situation of the disabled of the theater Politeama ("Expected out of the perimeter of the porches"), on the construction of the sidewalks in the hamlet Pollenzo, ("Provincial Competence As soon as we meet the Giunta Costa we will do it") and the sewer drainage of the Bandito fraction. "I know the situation well and I share the concern," said Dallorto, responding to the announcement of the counselor Bonetto (Commitment to Bra) on the discharge of water from the sewers on a August thunderstorm. "Unfortunately, there is no rainwater disposal network at Bandito. We will take care of the problem and try to solve it, "said the Councilor.
Another theme was the attention of the Giunta, that of Via via Don Orione, on which the competent Councilor, Roberto Russo, announced a solution in collaboration with the company that will establish a new commercial settlement in the area. Environmental Assessor Gian Marco Gallo intervened instead on the Umts telephony antenna set up in the municipality of Pocapaglia, just on the border with the Treble territory, which had alarmed some citizens for the danger of electromagnetic waves emissions. "For a long time, we are monitoring the antenna emissions from a control unit, although it is not yet fully operational," said the Councilor, who was echoed by the Mayor, Scimone, who reported that he had been in contact with his colleague of Pocapaglia to solve this problem.
Councilor Gallo also responded to the question, as advised by Cravero (City of all), about possible repercussions on the waste collection contract, following possible involvement of winning companies in an investigation judicial proceedings in Alexandria. The councilor has pointed out that the municipal administration did not receive requests from the Alexandrian prosecutor and that "there are no elements to make any hesitation on the regularity of the management".

A commitment to twinning with San Sosti
"I assure my commitment to continue the discussion to propose a twin relationship between Bra and San Sosti." So the Mayor Scimone responds to a question by counselor Massimo Borrelli (DS). The Tourist Advocate Davico also said that he has said there are several partnership agreements under way that could result in official twinning agreements. Always Borrelli (DS) has asked the intentions of the draft of a youth consultation, which the Councilor for Russian Youth Policy responded that the intention of the Junta is to continue the discourse but with a different approach to the past, applies to to say that they are the same young people as self-organizing to involve their peers.
Margherita's group wanted to acknowledge the difficulties the Commune would encounter with the progressive reduction in the number of conscientious objectors present, following the gradual lifting of the lever. Councilor Davico reminded them that the City has been activated to have eight volunteers in the Voluntary Civil Service, thus increasing the number of people available to two units.
Responses also on the accessibility of disabled people's offices ("Upon request, Via Barbacana's atrium ready to complete the transfer of offices in the new headquarters" - Dallorto), on the closure of the Office of Hygiene ("Users can contact the Secretariat general as to the same practices, as stated in the sign posted for the simultaneous absence of the two employees "- Scimone) and the new figure of Head of Cabinet of the Mayor recently established (" The figure provided by the law that allows me to strengthen my staff and coordinate the activity of address and control of the Mayor "- Scimone).

Alpinists and partisans subjected to motions
Two Orders of the Day were approved by the City Council. The Braidian assembly expressed, as was the case with other public bodies in Granda, "its wish that the province's provincial candidacy be successful" to bring Cuneo into the 2006 national Alpine gathering.
In the second text, the Council called on the Government "to reconsider its guidelines on the financing of the Ain and the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation," after rumors of heavy cuts in state transfers to the national partisans' association. An argument was raised between the DS group's directors and the parent company of An, Pirra, who did not participate in the vote. The Left Democrat leader, Claudio Gallizio, then asked his fellow councilors to devolve the evening attendance fee for the subscription to the NPI.

Scimon presents the program
"A city that is attentive to the social, who invests itself even when there is no immediate return to the image. A city that knows more and more opportunities for young people and creates the conditions for our industrial fabric to grow for the benefit of employment opportunities. We believe that people, families and associations are, with their values, the real protagonists of urban life and we think that the commune has the task of creating favorable situations for those who want to work, build social and economic educate, meet the needs ".
So Mayor Camillo Scimone presented the program lines of his government's action over the next five years. During an articulation, the first citizen illustrated the intentions in the various areas of intervention (integral government program available on the Internet at, ndr), speaking of a new regulatory plan "that will have to identify productive areas that can attract investors, "the completion of ongoing public works, and the intention to cover the railroad section below the Cuneo bridge to get more parking and more orderly traffic. Scimone also secured the commitment of the Junta also in the areas of security and social policies, within which a dedicated "Family Project" will be set up to work on training, education, listening, meeting between braid families. "What we are presenting is a viable, sustainable and sustainable project that aims to make our city more welcoming, safe, and equipped with adequate services," said the Mayor.
If Forza Italy's leader, Adriano Maccagno, defined it as a "high-profile program", Margherita's parent Giovanni Fogliato underscored a lack of planning in social policies while Jona (The City of All) noted the centrality of the health theme. The Bravo Commitment leader Giuseppe Bonetto considered the lack of complemen- tive design on the point of solving the year-round problem of "leveling the city and marking the border of two distinct Bra" when the Bergesio League captain instead, he reminded how there is a focus on "values ​​such as family, culture and traditions that promote young people's growth". Giuseppe Canalis (Project Bra) has highlighted how much it is to be done in the field of roadside, while its leader, Piero Degetto, has defined the program "a synthesis of good things done in the past with the indispensable innovations that the city requires." Giuseppe Rosciano (United's team leader for Bra) has defined the program as concrete and credible, while Pier Giorgio Pirra (National Alliance leader) has identified the security of citizens as the first goal to be pursued for the new administration.
It is different from the attitude of the parent company DS Claudio Gallizio, for which no reliable urban planning guidelines have been identified when technicians have to work to draft the new regulatory plan. Bruna Sibille (DS) is more articulated. "To make a good regulator plan you need to have a general design and not align a series of common places," said the former vice mayor. Adding: "The achievement of the goals outlined in the program will be carefully scrutinized and the focus will be on this opposition: Asking for a constructive opposition to a minority who has been slandered from the first moment is very complicated. Considering that the interest of the city is of paramount importance, we will evaluate each and every time what to do. "
The program of government of the Mayor Scimone was approved with the favorable votes of the Bra Project, Forza Italia, Together for Scimon, National Alliance, North League and United for Bra.

Appoint board commissions
The members of the permanent committees of the commune were nominated by the various groups, in addition to the statement by Anna Messa (Forza Italia) and Giovanni Fogliato (Margherita) as representatives of the assembly in the municipal volunteer council. Below is the composition of the Board Committees.
Statute Commission: (Brace Project), Vuorich (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Mosso (Set for Scimon), Rosciano (United for Bra), Borrelli (DS), Fogliato (Margherita) for Bra), Cravero (The City of All)

Commission Regulations of the City Council: (Progetto Bra), Vuerich (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Mosso (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Gallizio (DS), Giverso (Margherita) for Bra), Cravero (The City of All)

Viability Committee: Canalis (Project Bra), Vuerich (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Panero (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Borrelli (DS), Giverso (Margherita) Commitment to Bra), Cravero (The City of All)

Finance and Tax Commission: (Progetto Bra), Maccagno (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Mosso (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Borrelli (DS), Fogliato (Margherita) for Bra), Cravero (The City of All)

Urban Commission: Bruno (Project Bra), Vuerich (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Panero (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Gallizio (DS), Giverso (Margherita) for Bra), Cravero (The City of All)

Personal Board: (Progetto Bra), Maccagno (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Panero (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Sibille (DS), Giverso (Margherita) for Bra), Jona (The City of All)

Contracted Services Commission: (Progetto Bra), Maccagno (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Panero (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Borrelli (DS), Fogliato (Margherita) for Bra), Jona (The City of All)

Commission Public Works: Canalis (Project Bra), Vuerich (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Panero (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Sibille (DS), Fogliato (Margherita) for Bra), Cravero (The City of All)

Socio-Assistance Commission: (Progetto Bra), Mass (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Mosso (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Gallizio (DS), Fogliato (Margherita) for Bra), Jona (The City of All)

Environment Commission: (Brace Project), Mass (Forza Italia), Pirra (An), Bergesio (North League), Panero (Set for Scimone), Rosciano (United for Bra), Borrelli (DS), Giverso (Margherita) for Bra), Jona (The City of All)

The definition of the Mortuary Police Commission was suspended while clarifying some interpretative doubts, in the coming days the Commissions will be convened by the President of the City Council, Gian Massimo Vuerich, and will elect their respective presidents. (Rg)