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City Council 2019 / 2021

(by clicking on the names of the directors, you can obtain the detailed schedules, the advisory curricula and statements on the income and wealth situation)

President: Fabio Bailo

Vice President: Sergio Panero

Board groups

Democratic Party

Maria Milazzo (Parent company)

BSibille rune

Iman Babakhali

Raimondo Testa

Marina Isu

Marta Basso

Commitment to Bra

Livio Astegiano (Parent company)

Evelina Gemma

Bra city to live

Fabio Bailo (group leader and delegate to Culture and Events, Combustion and weapon Associations)

Bra Common Good

Francesco Testa (Parent company)


Marco Ellena (Parent company)

Giuliana Mossino

Luca Cravero

Bra tomorrow

David Tripodi (Parent company)

Brothers of Italy - Courage! It changes

Annalisa Genta (Parent company)

Together for Panero - Civic Group

Sergio Panero

Videos: Video footage of the sessions

Videos: Video footage of the sessions until May 2019