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Gianni Fogliato, mayor 

Delegations: Budget, Finances and Taxes, Treasury, Productive activities and economic development, Education, School services, Nursery and Canteens, European calls and funding, Strategic planning, General and institutional affairs, Health, Territorial social services

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438361 - 


Biagio Conterno, deputy mayor 

Powers: Security Policies, Personnel, Municipal Police, Demographic and Electoral Services, Commerce and Markets, Agriculture and Cemetery Services, Tourism and Promotion of the Territory

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.413744 (secretariat c / o Municipal Police) - 


Anna Brizio, councilor

Powers: Urban Planning, Private Construction, Contracts and Legal Services, Transparency and Simplification, Single Desk for Production Activities, Single Client Center

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438253 (Urban Planning Division Secretariat) - 


Lucilla Ciravegna, councilor

Proxies: Social services, Social volunteering, Labor policies, Vocational training, Integration and housing policies

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438206 (Human Resources Division Secretary) - 


Daniele Demaria, councilor

Proxies: Sustainable Mobility, Public Transport, Sport, Environment, Waste Management and Urban Hygiene, Management of Public Green

Receipt: On appointment. tel. 0172.438291 (Public Transport Secretariat) - 


Luciano Messa, councilor

Proxies: Public Works, Maintenance, Road and Traffic Works, Sub-services, Network Services, School and Sports Construction, Heritage, Neighborhoods and Hamlets, Civil Protection

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438346 (Public Works Division Secretariat) - 


Massimo Borrelli, councilor (resigned on 01.07.2020)

Powers: Sustainable mobility and road systems, public transport, tourism and promotion of the territory, major events, sport and sports construction, environment, waste management and urban hygiene