IoAiutoBra 1 rid

Gianni Fogliato, mayor

Delegations: Budget, Finance and Taxes, Bursar, Productive Activities and Economic Development, Education, School Services, Nursery and Canteens, Calls for Proposals and European Funding, Strategic Planning, General and Institutional Affairs, Health, Local Social Services

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438361 -


Biagio Conterno, deputy mayor

Powers: Security policies, Personnel, Municipal Police, Demographic and Electoral Services, Trade and Markets, Agriculture and Cemetery Services

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.413744 (secretariat c / o Municipal Police) -

Anna Brizio, councilor

Powers: Urban Planning, Private Building, Contracts and Legal Services, Transparency and Simplification, One-Stop Shop Production Activities, Single Customer Central

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438253 (Urban Planning Division Secretariat) -

Massimo Borrelli, councilor (resigned on 01.07.2020)

Powers: Sustainable mobility and road systems, public transport, tourism and promotion of the territory, major events, sports and sports construction, environment, waste management and urban hygiene

Receipt: On appointment. Mail:

Lucilla Ciravegna, councilor

Proxies: Social services, social volunteering, labor policies, vocational training, integration and housing policies

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438206 (Human Resources Division Secretary) -

Luciano Messa, councilor

Proxies: Public Works, Maintenance, Road Works, Sub-Services and Public Green, Network Services, School Building, Heritage, Neighborhoods and Villages, Civil Protection

Receipt: On appointment. Tel. 0172.438346 (Public Works Division Secretariat) -