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Many changes occurred in the economic structure of the Braidese during the last centuries. Because of its central position between the hills of Langa and Roero and the fertile plains of Cuneo, Bra has always been a place of trade and commerce, fed since the most remote times by the rich sale of wines and mountain cheeses.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Bra was mainly an important agricultural center (Agriculture) supported above all by the famous cultivation of vegetables and the consequent market.

In the last century, the progressive industrialization of the whole of Piedmont had allowed the establishment of some important factories operating mainly in the field of tannin art (handicraft), while in the fifties the economic boom brought a new and radical upheaval in the economic structure: the heavy industry has established itself in a decisive manner and also the Braidesi industries changed their vocations, addressing activities related to the processing of plastic materials and to heavy mechanics (Industry).

It certainly did not disappear in this industrial characterization, the Bra of the third millennium comes with a still different face. The fortunate tourist-commercial situation that has affected Southern Piedmont in the last decade of the twentieth century has allowed the Braidian economy to change its appearance and to orient itself towards an advanced tertiary that combines the demands of modern times with respect and valorisation of the traditions (Trade).

Bra is now home to major exhibitions and events, national and international associations, a typical trade that returns to privilege the rich wine production and gastronomy of these lands (Tourism).

The constant demographic development and a per capita income above the national average make Bra one of the most important cities in the southern Piedmont area. The steady growth of tertiary activities, mainly induced in the tourism and hospitality sectors, will still entail further changes in the socio-economic braidese cross-section in the coming years.