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The city's historical arch archive is a documentary complex of primary importance, covering a period of time from the XIII century to 1972 and has a linear development of about 540 meters.


The current structure is divided into three chronological sections:

  • historical archives (1272-1870), created by Professor Edoardo Mosca in 1959;

  • Separate section (1871-1937)

  • Deposit archive (1938-1972)

these last created in the 1977 by the Mula accountant. Following is the scanning of the inventory records of the indicated sections.


Inventories (link external)

historical archives

1 separate management

2 separate management 






The Municipality of Bra approved with Resolution of the Municipal Council no. 169 of the 23.04.2004 Project for the reordering, inventory and enhancement of the historical archive, entrusting the archives Roberta Audenino and Wanda Gallo. The work, articulated in four and a half years, started 1 June 2004 and provides:

  • the creation of a computerized database of archival descriptions, which will allow access to the most flexible and elastic documentation possible

  • the review of the three existing inventories (corresponding to the current tripartite archive structure) in order to pinpoint gaps

  • the complete reordering of all documentation according to the historical-systematic method, which involves the reconstruction of the original structure of the archive

The archive and its reordering are a case study that is very useful for the formation of future reorganizing archivists. For this reason, the City of Bra has hosted the students of the School of Archives admitted to the State Archives of Turin for a visit to education.


Of only the first year of work (June 2004-June 2005), these main achievements:

  • filing of the first section Historical archive, equal to a linear run of 142 meters
  • creating a computerized database of the descriptions of about 5.800 archival units
  • description of documents that do not appear in the current inventories, equal to the 15% of the units previously recorded
  • detection and correction of several errors in present inventories related to: - description - dating - assignment of pieces to chronological sections - identification of some aggregate archives (Sanctuary of Blessed Virgin of Flowers, Philharmonic Society, National Guard) - Reconstruction of the history of ' archive from XVIII century to 1972.
Inventory work is almost completed, followed by a laborious cataloging process.


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