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There are so many famous men in the world of sciences, letters, politics and religiosity that Bra were born or found fertile ground for their initiatives. Among them the saint of charity par excellence, San Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo which Bra was born at the end of the 18th century.

A Bra were born William Moffa of Lisio, one of the protagonists of the Risorgimento, the general Leopoldo Valfré of Bonzo, the political man Bartolomeo Gianolio, the academic Guglielmo AudisioThe painter Pietro Paolo Operti, local history lovers Euclide Milano e Edoardo Mosca, the scholar of the Leonardese codes Giovanni Piumati.

Families of wax were the painters Gioacchino Nogaris and the archaeologist Edoardo Brizio, as did the writers Giovanni Arpino e Velso Mucci. In the field of Bra letters she gave birth to the writer Gina Lagorio and to the Latinist Giovan Battista Gandino.

Other braids continue to carry around the name of the city around the world. The former European Minister and Commissioner was born under Zizzola Emma Bonino, the Egyptian Silvio Curto, the founder of Slow Food Carlo Petrini, the philosopher Adriana Cavarero, Writer Gianni Farinetti, the writer Stefano Sardo and the actress Elisa Sednaui.

The list of post-war Bravo Mayors

The profiles of the famous braids

Giovanni Arpino
Guglielmo Audisio
Edoardo Brizio

Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo

Federico Craveri
Giovan Battista Gandino
Bartolomeo Gianolio
Gina Lagorio
Euclide Milano
William Moffa of Lisio

Edoardo Mosca 
Velso Mucci
Gioacchino Nogaris
Pietro Paolo Operti
Giovanni Piumati
Leopoldo Valfré of Bonzo