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Fourth Edition, October 2004  

General Coordinator Andrea Branzi

On Saturday 16 October 2004 at 17.30 pm the winner of the Dedalus 2004 Prize will be announced, which will be determined by a jury of experts coordinated by the curator of the prize Andrea Branzi and the voting forms that will be filled in by the public visiting the exhibition. The winner will be awarded a prize of € 6.000

Inspired by the mythological figure, symbol of design inventiveness, imagination and creative freedom, "Dedalo", Dedalus was born in 1987, an event that was initially closely linked to the world of design and gradually evolved to focus attention on new trends in society. and culture, capable of carving out an autonomous and recognizable space in the Italian cultural panorama.
During the eight editions, every two years, which up to now make up its history, Dedalus has always been inspired by a single philosophy: to grasp the changes and create short circuits to address innovative and avant-garde topics with an informative spirit. and to bring some of the most lively Italian intelligences to Bra, from Sottsass to Mendini, from Ghezzi to Abruzzese, from Giugiaro to Fiorucci, from Rector to Trapattoni. And so we talked about creativity and the city, about fetish goods like the Vespa and Swatch, about Trash and recycling, about communication and mass media always with the light tone of the story, using different forms such as the exhibition, the talk -show, urban installations, light chats at a coffee table.

Since 1998, the proposal of the event has been enriched: the Dedalus award for European design has been established, a unique recognition in its field that strengthens the historical link with the world of design and which aims to reward the work of already established designers.
The originality of the award consists above all in its formula, based on the comparison between young European designers, invited to exhibit a significant profile of their personality. This formula was born from the idea that the central pivot of the vast phenomenon of design, its industry and its economy, are always and in any case the designers, that is the natural persons who do this job, deciding to question themselves in a open discussion with colleagues and with the market.
At this moment many things are changing in our society and the beginning of the new century was marked by the advent of the society of uncertainty, in the sense that many of the theorems on which the previous century had founded its hope for a great re-foundation of the world within modernity, have entered a crisis and new paradigms are struggling to come into operation.
This sort of waiting, this suspension towards the future, however, must not be experienced as a negative condition, but as a great opportunity to check the reasons for planning on a daily basis, without referring any more to large cultural and political containers. Among the elements of this new condition of uncertainty, there is one that concerns the role of design in the ultra-saturated markets of our society; this element is constituted by the increasing demand for aesthetic and technological quality that society requires. This growing demand for innovation and beauty is not easily met by the industries that operate on the market: innovation and beauty are not easily programmable and the success of a product in a context of great competition becomes increasingly difficult to guarantee. For this reason, the presence of designers is the only guarantee that someone tries to find a solution to this difficult problem. Thus the designers, the young designers, who autonomously and freely undertake to renew the signs, interpret the technologies, imagine new products, new services and new enterprises, constitute an extraordinary resource for our Western society. Without designers, design, industry and the economy it drives would not exist. Large investments are made in promoting products, but not enough to promote those who can imagine the products.

For 2004 the fourth edition of the Dedalus Abet Award for European Design was announced, reserved for designers under the age of 40, who have carried out relevant projects in the research and production sector. All designers under the age of 40, of any European nationality and with any qualification, who can demonstrate that they have successfully carried out the profession or activity can participate in the competition research in the industrial design sector.
The curator of the Prize is Andrea Branzi has selected the finalists of the prize to whom an exhibition will be dedicated in the church of San Rocco with the presentation of five products made by them:
The exhibition will be inaugurated on SATURDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2004 at 17,30 and will remain open until 17 October with the following timetable: from Monday to Friday from 17.00 to 20.00 - Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 17.00 to 22.00 - For schools by reservation even at different times by agreement with the Tourism and Events Office of the Municipality of Bra - tel. 0172/430185? fax 0172/418601

On Saturday 16 October 2004 at 17.30 pm the winner of the Dedalus 2004 Prize will be announced, which will be determined by a jury of experts coordinated by the curator of the prize Andrea Branzi and the voting forms that will be filled in by the public visiting the exhibition. The winner will be awarded a prize of € 6.000.
Parallel to the Dedalus Award, the Organizing Committee promoted a conference on the theme: - DESIGN AT THE TABLE - Saturday 25 September 2004 at 10.00 at the Auditorium of the Cassa di Risparmio di Bra - Via Principi di Piemonte
ANDREA BRANZI - Design historian will be the moderator of a round table which will be attended by:
ALDO COLONETTI - Scientific Director of the European Institute of Design and Director of the Ottagono magazine
GIULIO IACCHETTI and MATTEO RAGNI - Food Design Designer, Guzzini Casa Consultants
ALBERTO CAPATTI - Director of the Slow magazine and didactic and scientific coordinator of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo
Also on Saturday 25 September at 20.00 pm at the Osteria del Boccondivino - Via Mendicità Istruita, 14 - Bra, to complete the conference from theory to practice, one of the courtyard dinners scheduled for the event From courtyard to courtyard: TABLE DESIGN: objects for the preparation and art in the kitchen for the presentation of a set table. Participation fee - 33,00 - Reservations at the following telephone numbers: 0172/430185 - 0172/425674

Gold Board

Founded in the 1998 DEDALUS Award -  ABET was awarded:

1998 to the Dutch group Droog Design

2000 to young German designer Jerszy Seymour

2002 to Paolo Ulian


Giuria: The final jury of the DEDALUS Prize will be composed of famous characters .   world . design and culture, besides Andrea Branzi, . Politecnico di Milano, coordinator . Dedalus Award.   Prize Pool: The DEDALUS 2004 Award consists of a 6.000 Euro award that will be awarded to the winner during the Closing Ceremony at Bra. How to participate: Participants in the competition must send the documentation required by mail  consisting of:   - a short curriculum - the graphic or photographic documentation of their work - one (possible) bibliography of one's own works.   All these materials must be contained in a brouchure of no more than 10 pages A4, and sent within 31 Maggio 2004 at the secretary of the Prize. In June, 2004 will announce the results of the selection made by the Coordinator, and then the contacts will be activated for the preparation . catalog and finding products that will have to be no more? of 4 / 6 for each of the five finalists to set up the relative show.

Along with the Dedalus Prize will be organized a day of conference on the theme: - The Design at Table -. Andrea Branzi will be the moderator of a round table attended by Alberto Alessi, Adolfo Guzzini, Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Giovannoni, Aldo Colonetti. An exhibition of design objects will also be set up on the subject in question.

info: Secretariat Dedalus c / o City? of Bra Tourism and Manifestation Office

Via Moffa di Lisio 14 - 12042 Bra ( Wedge)

tel. (+ 39) 0172.430185 - fax (+ 39) 0172.418601 email


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