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The Pretorio Register is the space dedicated to the publication of acts intended, by law, regulation or municipal provision, to public knowledge.



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Through the Pretorio Public Register, the Administration provides official knowledge of all the acts, measures and information for which the law provides for legal advertising through their publication. The City publishes in the Pretorio List both its own acts and those of other public bodies that require it.

The Pretorio Board has become compulsory and exclusively computerized by 1 January 2011 in accordance with Law no. 69 of 18 June 2009: that is, the obligations to publish acts and administrative measures with legal advertising value must be fulfilled through the website of the Entity. This is the procedure to be followed to give legal certainty to administrative documents and, for citizens, to get official knowledge.

According to the CAD (Digital Administration Code), the on-line publication of measures or administrative acts or their communication with the same methods also implies the assumption of a guarantee of compliance of the information contained therein with respect to the information contained in the original measures (including paper), pursuant to art. 54, paragraph 4 of CAD.



Time to complete the procedure: number of days according to the nature of the act; If not expressly provided by law or by the requesting entity 7 days. End Time: If not expressly provided for by law or by the requesting body, 10 days.