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From 2007 Bra is twinned with the Argentine reality of Corral de Bustos - Ifflingher. Thanks to friendships launched through the Gotta family from one side of the ocean, Twinning wants to highlight the history of Pemontese emigration in Argentina.

Corral de Bustos-Ifflinger (named after its founder, the German Carlos Von Ifflinger) is a town of about twelve thousand inhabitants of the Argentine province of Cordoba, in the center of the country, four hundred and fifty kilometers from the capital Buenos Aires. Its territory is on the edge of the typical prairies of the Pampas.

Immigration land, Corral de Bustos has known a strong Italian immigration, mainly of Piedmont origin, and in particular settled in this city some nuclei on behalf of Gotta bound by relationships with families of Bandito. Its economy is predominantly agricultural, with strong characterization in cattle and pig farming, although industrial settlements in the textile sector are of particular importance in the municipal area.