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From 2001 Bra is twinned with the German city of Because of the city. This city is located in the Boblingen Landkreis, in the Stuttgart Region and in the Land of Baden Wurttenberg. It is about 30 kilometers from Stuttgart and is made up of five locations, Merklingen, Schafhausen, Munklingen, Hausen and Weil der Stadt, once independent but united municipalities, in the middle of the XIX century of the twentieth century following an administrative reform triggered by Land Government.

The total number of inhabitants in the 2001 was 18.886 residents of which 2.651 foreign (434 the Italians) and the city gave birth to the great mathematician and astronomer Giovanni Keplero (so much to be well known as KeplerStadt, the city of Keplero) but also to all-humanist Heinrich Steinhowel and reformer Johannes Brenz. Weil, whose name descends from "villa" (Roman farm), was an Almanac foundation. Before the Alemanni and the Franks, in the fertile valley of the Wurm River, the Celts and the Romans had already settled. Around the year 1242 The Swiss Emperor Federico II founded, in place of the village, the town of Weil. Under King Rodolfo I of Habsburg, Weil became a free imperial city.

The small town republic added to its coat of arms the symbol of the Roman republic: SPQR. The city, for over five hundred years, was subjected to the direct emperor's power despite the continuing threat of Wurttemberg and the devastating 1648 fire. With the transformations made by the Napoleonic invasions, there was also the end of the independence of imperial cities: the 23 November 1802 Weil was placed under the Wurttemberg Administration.

The twinning ceremony was formalized thanks to a videoconference link between the two municipal councils, thus becoming the first twinning officially over the internet.