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Giovanni Salvatore Arpino was born in Pola on January 27 1927 by Tommaso (a professional soldier originally from Gaeta) and by the Braidese Maddalenza Berzia. Bra is baptized and spends most of his youth. His first novel, "Sei stato felice Giovanni", was released in 1952, the year before he married Caterina Brero, with whom he had one son, Tommaso. In 1959 he publishes one of his most fortunate novels, "La suora giovane", which wins the Borselli prize and is translated into several languages, from which a film by Bruno Paolinelli is performed, interpreted by Laura Efrikian. He collaborates with numerous newspapers (Il Mondo, Paese sera, Il Giorno) even if the great popularity will come in '64 with the release of "The shadow of the hills", winner of the Strega Prize to which Arpino was presented by Eugenio Montale.

Previously, "A cloud of rage" and "Rage is the hero" came out. He collaborates with "La Stampa" for which he writes indiscriminately on the cultural and sporting pages, to go directly to "Il Giornale" directed by Indro Montanelli. From his story "The Dark and the Honey" are two films. The first, "Woman's Perfume", is played by Vittorio Gassman and directed by Dino Risi, the second "Scent of a Woman" allows Al Pacino to apply for the Oscar Prize. He dies after a long illness in Turin in 1987.