Mathis Palace

Of the medieval foundation, the palace underwent an important intervention during the eighteenth century and to the baroque taste of the time it owes its current appearance.

More appropriately, the building should be called "Boasso Palace" since it has been continuously owned by the Boasso family from the mid-seventeenth century to the first half of the nineteenth century, to go to the Mathis only in the early twentieth century, after the property Malabaila.

Inside, on the noble floor, there are the most important works of art with numerous frescoes and overlapping with oil paintings dating to the 18th century, representing an allegorical cycle of twelve scenes in which the ox is always the symbol of the Boasso family.

From 2004 and until September of 2007, the palace was undergoing a profound restructuring involving financially the City Property Owner, and Bra's Savings Bank Foundation, which signed a convention for the functional recovery of the property. THEThe palazzo hosts the offices of the cultural and promotional services of the Commune, as well as giving space to temporary exhibitions.