Three Museum Halls are currently dedicated to the Vertebrates. In the first one after an overview of the phylogenetic relationship between the partially extinct Orders, which constitute the group in question, many specimens of Pisces, Amphibians and Reptiles are exhibited, both recently acquired and belonging to the ancient collections.
The dry preparations illustrating Piedmontese ichthyosaurus are largely suggestive, largely prepared for Craveri by cap. Vincenzo Abbre of Cuneo.
The Calle dei Pesci preferred a centered approach to the ecology and the multiplicity of their environment-friendly solutions, while amphibians and reptiles are ordered according to a systematically eminently criterion. Of historical value are some preparations made by Craveri: Salamander, Rane, Rospi, and in particular certain species of Iguanidas originating in Mexico: Cyclura sp., Sauromalus craverii, Phrynosoma cornutum. Above the reptilian windows there are two Anaconda skins (6 and 4 meters) and one of Boa, a crocodile and two turtles: a terrestrial, who lived long in the garden of Casa Craveri and the other marina (two caretta of Caretta Red Sea shroud are on the stairs), while on the front door there is the trophy of a swordfish. On the central wall, some drawings, with their size related to human stature, reproduce eight of the most famous, pre-historic land, air and water reptiles.