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Pursuant to art. 159 of the Civil Code, the legal property regime of the family is constituted by the communion of assets regulated by section III Chapter VI of the Civil Code. At the same time as the celebration of the marriage, whether civil before the Mayor or his delegate, religious before the parish priest or minister of worship, the regime of separation of property can be chosen. 
After the marriage ceremony, you can opt for a different form of matrimonial agreement (constituting a fund as well as passing from communion to separation or vice versa) by making a statement only before the notary, after displaying the extract of the marriage act, the choice made up to that point.

The extract is issued on plain paper, free from administrative fees.

Foreign citizens will be able to choose the property regime pursuant to article 30, first paragraph of law no. 31 of 1995 May 218. They may also be transcribed pursuant to art. 19 of Presidential Decree 396/2000 the marriage certificate that concerns them, formed abroad, together with the translation into Italian and the legalization or apostille by the competent foreign authority. If the document formed abroad does not have legalization, the foreigner can request integration at the Consulate of his / her country of origin present in Italy and will also take care of the legalization of the Consul's signature at the Prefecture of Cuneo. 
The Civil Status Officer, after having transcribed the deed, may issue a full copy of the same, on plain paper, free from secretarial rights, to be taken to the Notary for a possible choice of separation of assets or fund establishment. 

times: immediate.

Time-limits for bringing proceedings: immediate.