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Divorce Judgment Annotation. The office receives, exclusively from the Chancellery of the Italian Courts, the sentences relating to the dissolution or cessation of the civil effects of marriages that took place in Bra. It provides for the relative annotations in the margins of the deeds and the consequent change in the personal data relating to the modification of the civil status of the subjects involved both resident in Bra and resident in another municipality; it also sends the required annotations above to the spouses' municipalities of birth and to the municipalities where the transcription of the marriage certificate took place.
Foreign Divorce. The divorce sentence between two citizens, of which at least one Italian, pronounced abroad to be recognized in Italy, must be transcribed in the Municipality where the marriage was registered. 
Who can make the request: The transcription can be requested by the interested party, by anyone who has an interest in it or by the Diplomatic or Consular Authority. The transcription of a sentence is prohibited if the provisions contained produce effects contrary to public order.
Where to ask for it: To the civil status of the Municipality of registration or transcription of the marriage certificate.
Documents to be submitted:
  • Copy of the divorce sentence duly translated and legalized
  • If the sentence was issued in a country adhering to the Hague Convention of 5 / 10 / 61, it is exempt from legalization but must bear the "Apostille" stamp
  • Judgments issued in a Member State of the European Community may be produced by the "Certificate of Matrimonial Decisions" in Art.39 of the EC Regulation 2201 / 2003
  • In this case, no translation or legalization is required.
  • Transcript instance
  • Identity document
Regarding the legalization of documents, given the variety of cases, always contact the transcription office first. After registration, the office will take care of annotating it on the marriage and birth certificate of the interested parties, as well as communicating the foreign divorce to the registry office of the Municipality of residence of the spouses  
Standards of Reference
  • Art. 64 reads 31 May 95, n. 218 of Private International Law
  • Art. 17,22 DPR 396 / 2000
  • EC Regulation n. 2201 / 2003
costs: Free.
Time-limits for bringing proceedings: As expected by DPR 396 / 2000 - Municipal Civil Status Regulation.