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The Messi Comunali are dealing with notifications of administrative and tax acts from the municipality or other public bodies, and directed to recipients (people, companies and entities) who have their residence or residence on the territory of the only Municipality of Bra.
The Notification Office, made up of municipal offices, provides:
  • registration with a progressive number of acts of which the municipal offices or any other public body have requested the notification;
  • notification of the acts;
  • return to the requesting office of originals of the documents notified.
Notification of the act is carried out according to art. 137-145 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which stipulate that the messenger will go to the home (or even at the workplace) and deliver the document or addressee or to family members or homeowners. A copy of the act is issued to the consignee with the notification report at the lime.
Sometimes neither the recipient nor the persons indicated above are found. In this case, if the deadline for the deed to be served allows, the notifying messenger can invite the addressee (usually by means of a written communication placed in the letterbox) to report to the Messi Comunali office so that he can be notified. 'act. When this is not possible, the messenger proceeds to notify the deed by filing it at the municipal house (art.140 Code of Civil Procedure) more precisely at the Protocol Office of the Municipality, where the recipient can withdraw the deed . The messenger warns the recipient by posting a notice on the door of the house and sending him the same notice by registered letter with return receipt. The notification is considered to have been carried out on the day in which these requirements are fulfilled.
It may also happen that the recipient has become unenforceable: in this case the notification is also executed equally (Article 143 Code of Civil Procedure) by depositing the document to the Municipal House: notification is made to the recipient twentieth day after the deposit.
Municipal Messi do not notify acts of Criminal Procedure and Exact Files.