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The publication of the marriage is the phase of the procedure by which the Civil Status Officer ascertains that there are no impediments to the celebration of the marriage, whether civil or religious, making public the intention of the spouses, through the exposure on the internet site (section header).
Duration: The publication lasts 8 days in the online register of the municipality of residence: if the spouses have separate residences, the civil registrar of Bra will forward the request for publication to the municipality of different residence.
Validity: From the 4th day, following the 8 days of exhibition, once the publication is complete, for 180 days. If the marriage is not celebrated within the prescribed terms, it is considered as not having taken place and it must be done again.
Where to ask for it: To the civil status officer of the Municipality where one of the spouses has his residence.
Who can request it: Interested parties with an identity document or person in charge pursuant to art. 50 of Presidential Decree 396/2000 by presenting himself to the registrar and filling in the forms relating to the request.
Required documents: All the necessary documentation in possession of a Public Administration will be acquired ex officio. Women divorced for less than 300 days must produce an authentic copy of the sentence of termination of civil effects / dissolution of marriage issued by the court that issued it. Foreigners must bring the authorization to marry issued, pursuant to Article 116 of the CC, by the Consulate of the Foreign State in Italy. If the foreigner does not understand the Italian language, the presence of an interpreter is required at the time of publication. If a Catholic marriage is celebrated, the parish priest's request for publications must also be submitted.
Required Requirements: 
  • At least one of the two spouses must be resident in the Bra Commune 
  • Completed 18 years; or 16 years with the permission of the ICTY
  • Being a free state: celibate / unmarried, divorced, widowed
The publication report will be drawn up, after careful examination of the documentation and verification of the requirements established by law.
  • € 14,62 revenue stamp if both residents
  • € 29,24 for two revenue stamps of € 14,62 if one of the spouses resides in another municipality

Time-limits for bringing proceedings: immediate.

Download this file (DISCIPLINARE USO SALE.pdf)The disciplinary use of municipal salt.[Theaters to celebrate civil marriage.]551 kB
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