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The protocol register is a tool of the Public Administration which constitutes an official test of the arrival and departure of the files at the PA itself. The relevant legislation (Circular of the Ministry of Interior, X. XMUMX / 17100, 2 / 1, 3 / 1897, 445 / 2000, 82 / 2005, Circular Digit PA, etc.) provides that the documents recorded in they must be unmistakable and must be sure of their origin and genuineness.


From the 2004 the rules on Digital Administration have first introduced the electronic protocol (for which the paper registry has been replaced by an IT procedure) and then the computer protocol (for which it is possible to receive and log documents in computer format without printing them, then inserting them in the procedure of document flows of each office), to which our municipality has adapted. 

The procedures followed in this regard by the Protocol Office are described below, which differ partially according to whether they are paper documents or electronic documents that reach it. These instructions refer exclusively to the minimum requirements for the protectability of a document that reaches the Protocol Office. All other laws and regulations governing the acceptability or otherwise of documents by the recipient Offices and the regularity of their content for the purposes of the administrative procedure to which they refer remain valid. In this regard, see the sections relating to the various offices.


Paper Documents: if they come from private individuals, only paper documents with a handwritten signature can be registered. For public administrations, in the case of documents (including paper documents) produced with IT systems, the signature can be replaced by the printed indication, on the document produced by the automated system, of the name of the responsible party. It is therefore not possible to register, for example, an anonymous letter (without indication of the sender and without signature) or a letter from a private individual without a signature that is autograph (i.e. hand made) and holographic (i.e. made in pen): it should not a photocopy of a signed document is good, nor can a photograph, a prospectus or any other paper document be recorded, if they do not have an indication of the origin (headed paper, or name, surname and address of the sender) and hand signature.

By way of derogation, you accept to sign unsigned invoices but complete all legal requirements (creditor data, debtor details, numbering, date, sums owed, etc.) as European law and 21 article of DPR n. 633 / 1972 and SMI do not require creditor signature between the essential and mandatory items of the invoice.


Documents transmitted by fax: according to article 38, paragraph 1, of Presidential Decree 445/2000, all requests and declarations can be sent to the PA by fax. The fax number of the Municipal Protocol Office is 0172/44333: any other fax number of another Municipality Office is also fine, which then takes care to send it to the Protocol Office itself. However, it is necessary:


  • that the document transmitted has the same characteristics as in the previous point (source of origin and autograph signature, except for PP.AA);
  • that Fax has printed on the printed document at least the telephone number of the source, the number of printed pages and the receiving time (so the departure fax must allow the identification of such data).



Documents transmitted by telematics: "telematics" means the electronic transmission of a computer document (ie a file). The transmitted document (ie the file) needs to have the characteristics determined by the relevant legislation. Therefore, the Office will only receive the receipt of IT documents if it has occurred in the following ways, including alternatives:


  • message from any mailbox, with attachment the document to be protocolled in one or more digital signed-in files;
  • e-mail whose author is identified by our computer system using the electronic identity card or the national card of the services;
  • message transmitted through the certified e-mail box (PEC) of the sender to the PEC box of the Municipality;
  • computer copy (scanner) of the document bearing the handwritten signature and the copy of the identity document of the registrant acquired by means of a scanner and transmitted via a simple, certified electronic mail box to the e-mail box or to any other e-mail in the Municipality whose office will forward it to the aforementioned mailbox.


Therefore, they are not protocollable, for example: simple non-certified e-mail messages and / or no attached identity documents, computer copies of non-signed documents, etc.




Time of conclusion of the provision: 24 hours.