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Registration in the Register of Seat Presidents is filed with the Turin Court of Appeal and is requested from the Municipality within the month October of each year.


What you need: it is necessary to submit an application for registration on specific forms prepared by the Municipality if so is in possession of the following requisites: to be an elector in the Municipality and not having passed the age of 70, to be in possession of educational qualification not lower than the 2nd degree secondary education diploma.

It is not possible to submit the request if you are in one of the conditions provided for by TU 361/57 and 570/60 and precisely: employees of the Ministries of the Interior, of the Post and Telecommunications and of Transport; belonging to the armed forces in service; provincial doctors, health officers and doctors conducted; municipal secretaries and employees of the communes, employed or commanded to serve in the municipal election offices; candidates for the elections for which voting is taking place.


times: The request must be submitted to the Municipality of Bra in October each year, which will forward it to the Court

 of Appeal of Turin for registration.


costs: Free.


Download this file (Question president of seggio.pdf)Question president of seggio.pdf[The application model]99 kB