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Anyone who has lost any kind of object can go to the City Hall, whereas anyone who has to find an object must hand it over to the Economist office, bearing in mind that the only thing that can not be retired is motorcycles, because they are labeled. The owner of the lost object must do it regular denunciation of loss at the Carabinieri. After 1 year, 1 month and 1 day from date of publication to Pretorio Register of the municipality of the discovery, who finds the object materially becomes the legitimate owner and is handed over from the Municipal Bureau.


What you need: in the event of a loss, present at the municipal counter for the recognition and withdrawal of the goods; in the case of delivery to the office.


Delivery time: immediate.


costs: free.
Time of conclusion of the procedure: 60 days from the expiry date of the deposit term set by law (1 year). 
Deliver to the legitimate lost property owner: 10 days.