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The municipality issues certificates for the transcription of the weddings that have already been celebrated.

a) Transcript of religious marriages celebrated in the Bra Commune.

They are transcribed in the Civil Status Registers within eight days of the date of the celebration (five days is the time available to the Parish for the delivery of the act). The concerned citizen can go to the post office after this deadline for the issue of the marriage certificate or certificate (immediate delivery).


b) Transcription of religious or civil marriages celebrated in other communes.

They are transcribed in the civil status registers as soon as they arrive from the municipality where they have been celebrated (the time available for forwarding the act to the said office is ten days). The citizen who needs the relevant certificate or extract may go to the door after at least ten days from the wedding celebration (immediate delivery)


c) Transcripts weddings celebrated abroad.

The transcript is made by the office because the documents reach the City Council of Bra from the Consulate or the Italian Embassy in the foreign state. In exceptional cases, the citizen may also apply for the transcription of the marriage act for personal reasons, provided that the act in his possession meets the requirements of the Civil Martial Ordinance.


Delivery time: immediate.


costs: € 0,26 for administrative fees.


Time of conclusion of the procedure: As expected by DPR 396 / 2000 - Municipal Civil Status Regulation.