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The popular judges decide as an advisory body of the Courts of Assizes and Courts of Assizes and of appeal on the basis of rankings at the disposal of the Court of First Instance according to the competences assigned to them by the Code of Criminal Procedure. To be part of these bodies the Municipality of Bra provides, for all citizens residing in Bra with an age between the thirtieth and sixty-fourth year of age, to register them ex officio in the lists held by the Court of Turin if the requisites are met.

What you need: To be registered in the Rolls, you must be an Italian citizen and be registered in the electoral roll of the Municipality of Bra as long as you are not a magistrate and business function  in service belonging to or attached to the judiciary; not belong to the armed forces or police forces, not to be ministers of any cult; be in possession of a lower middle school license for the Court of Assizes (XNUMXst degree); high school diploma or university degree for the Court of Assizes of Appeal (II degree). The relative rankings are drawn up every two years.

Cost: free.

Download this file (update to the popular judges register.pdf)update of the popular judges register.pdf[2019 bulletin update]568 kB
Download this file (Population Judges register - request for registration.pdf)Register of Population Judges - application form.pdf[The registration form]437 kB