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These are the contributions provided by regional n. 15 / 1989 inherent in the renovation, renovation, and extraordinary maintenance work carried out on worship buildings of legally recognized religious confessions. The contribution only concerns work from whether or not being executed in the event of an economic downturn.

What you need: a duplicate stamp application filed by the legal representative of the confession; permission to submit questions by the diocesan or equivalent; description of the intervention; illustrative report with historical information on the building; Estimated metric calculation prepared by a qualified professional or preventive expense of the company in charge of the workers; graphic boards (if necessary); photographic documentation; a financial plan indicating the total cost of the works by specifying the financial contributions to the applicant entity, the financial contribution from other bodies, other contributions, the financial deficit situation.


times: the applications must be submitted within the 31 October of each year.



Time of conclusion of the procedure: Assignment of contributions: council deliberation for approval: at the same time as the approval of the forecast budget; Determination of down payment 80% for start of work: 60 days from the filing of the statement of start work; Determination of the 20% balance: 60 days from the deposit of the expenditure documentation; Restitution of unduly received concession grants: 90 days upon request.