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How and where to denounce the birth of a child. The birth declaration can be made in the following ways:



  • within 3 days at the health department or nursing home where birth occurred.
  • within 10 days at the Civil State Office of the Birth City or the Municipality of the Parent's Residence or one of them.
  • In the case where parents do not reside in the same municipality, unless otherwise agreed, the birth certificate is made in the mother's municipality of residence.



Late statement: If the declaration is made after 10 days of birth, the declarant must indicate the reasons for the delay to the Civil State Officer, who reports to the Prosecutor of the Republic. In the case of a death or death that occurred before the declaration was made, the declaration must be made exclusively to the civil servant of the Birth City.


The birth complaint can be made:


  • from one of the parents if they married
  • from both parents, if not married - a natural child recognition
  • by a special prosecutor appointed by the parents
  • by the physician or the obstetrician or by another person who has assisted at birth, respecting the mother's will not to be named



To be able to carry out the recognition, it is necessary to be at least sixteen.


Documentation to be submitted:


  • Certification of birth born in the original by an ostetric or by a physician who has given birth
  • Identity document in validity



Attribution of newborn name: The name imposed on the child must correspond to sex and can be made up of only one name or multiple names, even separated, not exceeding three. 2. In the case of two or more comma-separated names, only the first of the names must be included in the extracts and certificates issued by the civil status officer and the registry officer. " (art.5 L.219 / 2012). 

It is forbidden to impose on the infant the same name as the living father, a living brother or sister, a surname as a name, ridiculous or shameful names.

In the case of unmarried foreign citizens, they must make a declaration of ability to recognize and attribute the surname to the child, according to the law of their country of origin. 

Moroccan citizens must comply with the list provided by the Moroccan Consulate through the Prefecture for the choice of the name to be attributed: if the name is not included in the list, the registrar must first request confirmation of acceptance from the same Consulate in Turin. If a foreign citizen does not know the Italian language, he must be accompanied by an interpreter who must swear before the Civil Registrar to perform well in the job of translator who has been entrusted with it.


Standards of Reference


  • Civil Code - art. 231 and following title VII - Of the Filiation
  • Decree of the Republic of 396 of the 2000 - Regulation for the Review and Simplification of the Order of the Civil Status.
  • Law n. 218 31 May 1995 - Reform of the Italian system of private international law.
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  • L. 219 / 2012





Time-limits for bringing proceedings: 10 days from birth.