Citizens residing or holding business in restricted traffic areas (Ztl) may apply to the Police Command Municipal authorities have a transit permit with their cars in the area of ​​traffic restriction. The mark permits to the transit only and not to the park in the restricted traffic area.
Below, in the enclosed space, modules are available to request access to the Old Town Restricted Area. The control will be carried out by means of automatic plate recognition recognition.

What you need: fill in the application form on specific modules and self-certify your residence or occupation in the internal area of ​​the restricted traffic zone.

Delivery time: 7 days.

Cost: free.

Time-limits for bringing proceedings: 7 days

Download this file (PASS LAVORO.pdf)ztl_viavittorio_lavoratori[Ztl via Vittorio Emanuele. Workers. The module.]444 kB
Download this file (PASS POSTO AUTO.pdf)ztl_viavittorio_postoauto[Ztl via Vittorio Emanuele. Car parking holders. The module.]448 kB
Download this file (PASS RESIDENTS.pdf)ztl_viavittorio_residenti[Ztl via Vittorio Emanuele. Residents. The module.]444 kB
Download this file (PASS VARIE.pdf)ztl_viavittorio_varie[Ztl via Vittorio Emanuele. Various categories. The module.]604 kB