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According to art. 92 of the Mortuary Police Regulations, in the Cemetery must be received:
  1. the corpses of the dead in the territory of the commune, whatever his residence was;
  2. the corpses of the dead outside the commune, but having a residence there, or during a period of their residence, or declared "honorary citizens" of the town of Bra with a formal act of the commune;
  3. the corpses of non-resident living in the commune and death outside of it but entitled to a private burial of the family in the cemetery itself;
  4. the deaths born in art. 7 and Conception Products;
  5. the mortal remains of the people listed above.
Pursuant to art. 68 it is possible to grant individual niches for the duration of 40 (forty) years, renewable: once for 20 (twenty) years, or twice for 10 (ten) years, with the possibility of early renewal by the concessionaires or owners if they do not have children who can take on such obligations.
In the event that it is not possible to extumulate the body upon expiry of the contract due to failure to reach the forty-year term of burial referred to in the following art. 83, first paragraph, it is possible for those entitled to obtain a partial extension for the minimum number of years necessary to reach the term itself, upon payment of the tariff in force at the time of the extension, proportionally reduced. The price of the concessions is fixed by resolution of the municipal council and must be paid into the municipal coffers within one month from the date of the concession.

The individual niches are capable of only one coffin but it is allowed to place a box of remains or a cinerary urn in a niche, whether or not there is a coffin, or a box of remains or a cinerary urn of the spouse or ascendants and descendants in a straight line up to the second degree of the body. Therefore they cannot be sold in any way or for any title.
The granting of the niche is made at the time of death directly to the funeral companies that will take care of the cemetery practice. It will be possible to grant the individual niche near or adjacent to the surviving spouse without age limit. It will also be possible to grant individual niches, ossuary niches and cells to living people who have reached the age of sixty-five if there are no heirs who can provide at the time of the applicant's death, and making the sale subject to the availability of the niches.
Time for completion procedure: 60 days in case of availability of the areas.
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