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According to art. 92 of the Mortuary Police Regulations, in the cemetery must be received:
  1. the corpses of the dead in the territory of the commune, whatever his residence was;
  2. the corpses of the dead outside the commune, but having a residence there, or during a period of their residence, or declared "honorary citizens" of the town of Bra with a formal act of the commune;
  3. the corpses of non-resident living in the commune and death outside of it but entitled to a private burial of the family in the cemetery itself;
  4. the deaths born in art. 7 and Conception Products;
  5. the mortal remains of the people listed above.

The ossuary niches and cells in the crematorium area can contain the remains or ashes of a single deceased and are granted for 30 years, renewable once for the same number of years. 
They can be granted at the time of death, when there is an expression of will to cremation directly to the funeral home in charge of the practice, and also for the living spouse who has opted for the same choice, provided that the cell or ossuary niche is close or adjacent to the deceased. It will also be possible to grant ossuary niches and cells to living people who intend to be cremated, who have reached the age of sixty-five, if there are no heirs who can provide at the time of the applicant's death. They are also granted at the end of the ordinary period of extumulations (40 years) and exhumations (10 years), for the burial of the remains or deadly ashes.


What you need: stamp application addressed to the Mayor by the heirs; residence in Bra or a death in Bra or having had a residence in Bra for a period of time.


Cost: payment of a cimiterial concession fee.

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