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Coronavirus emergency

The validity of the expired identification and identity documents has been further extended to 31 December 2020. This is established by the decree-law of 19 May 2020, n.34, the so-called "Relaunch decree", converted into law n.77 / 2020, one the measures adopted by the government to deal with the socio-economic effects of the health emergency from Covid-19.

However, validity for expatriation purposes remains limited to the expiry date of the document. 

The extension covers both identity cards issued on paper and electronic (CIE).


The identity card is a personal document that is issued to all citizens, regardless of age, and allows for expatriation in the member states of the European Union. Its validity is three years for those under the age of three, five years for other minors and ten years for adults. Identity documents are issued with validity until the date, corresponding to the day and month of birth of the holder, immediately following the expiry that would otherwise be provided for the document itself.

It can be replaced only in case of loss, theft or deterioration by reporting the fact to the nearest Carabinieri station (Bra - viale Costituzione 17) or to the municipal police command (via Moffa di Lisio 14). Foreign citizens residing in the Municipality of  Bra can request it as long as they are citizens of European Union countries or if they have a residence permit. However, we remind you that for foreign citizens the identity card is only an identity document that is not valid for expatriation.

For those under the age of 14, the use of an identity card for the purposes of expatriation to the permitted countries is subject to the condition that the minor travels in the company of one of the parents or guardians. If the minor under 14 is not accompanied by a parent, a declaration is required, issued by the person who can give consent or authorization, validated by the Police Headquarters or the Consular Authority, in the case of a foreign minor citizen, indicating the name of the person, body or transport company to which the minor is entrusted.

For those who still have five-year identity cards, it is possible to renew them for another five years with a stamp on the document. However, it must be borne in mind that, for the purposes of expatriation, not all countries accept the document thus renewed.

The City of Bra does not send home the report of the expiration of the document. 

Requirements: be citizens of a European Union country or non-EU citizens with a residence permit and resident in Municipality of Bra.

What you need: For adults: 3 passport photos on a light background and bare head; - the old identity card that has expired or deteriorated (for non-EU foreign citizens it is also necessary to present the residence permit, for municipal citizens, the certificate of regularity). For those who have lost their card, it is also necessary, to redo it, to report the loss presented to the Carabinieri.

For Minors: - 3 passport photos on a light background and bare head; - any white card for minors expatriation or the old expired or deteriorated identity card and / or the confirmation of a parent. If the identity card for the minor is required valid for expatriation, both parents' consent is also required, which can also be sent electronically or faxed together with a photocopy of an identity document. If the old identity card is missing, the loss report must also be submitted.

Delivery time: the release takes place in the day.

Cost: 5,42€ 

Procedure conclusion times: 2 days

Download this file (card 09847920170327114522.pdf)modulo_cartadidentita[the application form]322 kB
Download this file (espatrio_minore_assenso.pdf)espatrio_minore_assenso.pdf[The Model for Assent for Minority Expatriation]111 kB
Download this file (CI photo from Anusca.pdf)foto_cartadidentita[photography guidelines]50 kB
Download this file (manifesto_rinnovo_cartaidentita.pdf)manifesto_rinnovo_cartaidentita.pdf[The poster on the renewal of the ID card - July 2011.]0 kB
Download this file (rilascio_minori_cartaidentita.pdf)rilascio_minori_cartaidentita.pdf[The new rules on identity cards for minors.]0 kB