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According to article 13 of the national registry regulation (DPR n.223 / 1989), whenever an Italian citizen or a foreigner (belonging or not belonging to the European Community) immigrates, i.e. transfers his or her residence or that of his family to an Italian municipality, or changes elements of the same while remaining resident in the municipality itself (constitution of a new family, change of the owner of the personal data sheet, changes in the composition of the family, change of address within the municipal territory, etc.) is obliged to declare it to the Municipality of immigration within twenty days. Likewise if he emigrates, that is, he transfers his residence to another municipality or abroad. Therefore:
- If a citizen transfers his or her residence to Bra from another municipality, within twenty days he must register with the registry of the Municipality of Bra;
- If a citizen transfers his residence from Bra to another municipality, he or she must sign up to the registry of the new residence within twenty days;
- If a citizen (Italian or foreign) transfers his residence from Bra to abroad, within twenty days, he must make a statement to the Registry Office of the Municipality of Bra.
Such statements may be made directly by the person concerned, either by each member of the family member.
The implications and penalties, whether administrative or criminal, are to be found in the infringement of this obligation, especially in the event that such omissions or false declarations result in tax evasion or tax evasion at municipal taxes or other bodies, or the assignment or maintenance not due to contributions, subsidies or health care benefits provided by the municipality or other public bodies.
From 9 May 2012, following the entry into force of article 5 of the decree-law 9/2/2012, n. 5, the process of new registry registration or registration of its modifications takes place according to the so-called "Change of residence in real time": or, as soon as the declaration of new registration or change of the place of residence in the Municipality of competence, the registry officer immediately proceeds, and in any case within two working days, to the registration or registration requested, which will become definitive if within 45 days of the presentation additional documentation is not requested from the citizen or the motivated intention to reject the registration is communicated or registration.
At the same time, it is possible to request the modification of the data of the driving license and of the registration documents of their vehicles.


times: the registry officer, in the two working days following the presentation, makes the registrations of the declarations received, it being understood that the legal effects of the same start from the date of presentation. The registry officer must issue the person concerned, at the same time as the submission of the declaration, the communication of the initiation of the procedure, pursuant to art. 7 of law no. 241/1990, informing him of the investigations that will be carried out following the declaration surrender.
Provisions required by law shall be made within 45 days of the declaration made or sent, which shall not be communicated to the person concerned as to any missing requirements or negative results of the investigations carried out under the ari. 10-bis of Law n. 241 / 1990, the declaration shall be deemed to be in accordance with the factual situation at the date of the declaration, pursuant to art. 20 of Law n. 241 / 1990, which governs the institute of silence-assent.


Presentation method: Citizens have the opportunity to submit personal data declarations through the appropriate municipal counter (Demographic services - via Barbacana 6 - ground floor) and also by registered letter (Municipality of Bra - Piazza Caduti per la liberty 14 - 12042 Bra (Cn)), by fax (0172.438269) and electronically (Pec:  - Simple Email: ).

The possibility of electronic sending is allowed alternatively to one of the following conditions:
(a) the declaration is signed by a digital signature;
b) that the author is identified by the computer system with the use of the electronic identity card, the national service card, or in any case with tools that allow the identification of the person making the declaration;
(c) the declaration is transmitted through the applicant's e-mail box;
(d) the copy of the declaration bearing the autographed signature of the applicant shall be acquired by scanner and transmitted by simple e-mail.


A copy of the identity document of the applicant and of the persons transferring the residence together with the applicant must be attached to the declaration not presented in person, who, if adult, must sign the form.
Citizens coming from a foreign country for the purposes of registering a family relationship with other members of the family must enclose the relevant documentation, in accordance with the provisions concerning translation and legalization of documents.
The non-EU citizen must attach the documentation listed in Annex A of the Forms.
The citizen of the European Union must attach the documentation listed in Annex B of the forms.
The change of residence can also take place ex officio: in fact, according to article 16 of the national registry regulations, when it appears that a person or a family registered in the municipal registry has transferred their residence to another municipality from which once the request for cancellation has been received, the registry officer must notify the registry officer of the Municipality to which the person or family is in fact transferred, for the consequent measures, also without prejudice to the possibility of sanctioning the citizen who does not fulfill his obligations of communication. The reporting to the Municipality of these transfers of residence to another Municipality can also come from family members or cohabitants, or other citizens, by means of a specific declaration.


Public administrations: For the registry officers of the other Municipalities, the addresses to be used according to the various transmission methods of the APR4 models are specified.
a) Certified e-mail:;
b) simple e-mail:;
c) fax (modality currently recommended by the office) n. 0172.438269.


Contoso of illegal occupation: "Anyone who illegally occupies an untitled property cannot apply for residence or connection to public services in relation to the property itself and the acts issued in violation of this prohibition are null for all purposes of the law." In application of these provisions, for the purposes of the admissibility of the declarations of residence, the following information is provided on the forms to be attached to the declaration itself. The declaration of the owner will be necessary only in case of lack of the declaration by the applicant, or, in the case of dispute of the owner himself regarding what has been declared by the applicant. 


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