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Authentication of the signature attests that the signature was placed in the presence of an official public who has been identified as identity of the subscriber. For substitutive declarations of notarial deed addressed to individuals and for questions relating to the collection of economic benefits (pensions, contributions, etc.) by another person, authentication must always be done in the traditional manner before the notary , municipal secretary, employee appointed by the Mayor, chancellor, employee in charge of receiving documentation. As regards the applications and substitutive declarations of the deed of notoriety:

  • when they are addressed to public servants or public service providers, they must not be authenticated, but are signed in front of the official clerk or faxed by the photocopy of the identity document of the person who signed them, and, where previously provided, the tax stamp on instances;
  • when they are addressed to private individuals, they must be authenticated and the stamp duty is due. No longer required the authentication of applications for public competitions relating to: Armed Forces and Police Corps, Magistrates and State Attorney; Diplomatic Careers.

Requirements: everyone can request the authentication of their signature, even those who are not resident in the municipality.


What you need: introduce yourself in person with an identity document and the deed to be signed. € 14,62 revenue stamp (to be purchased at a tobacconist's) if required.


times: authentication is done immediately.


costs: € 0,26 for secretarial rights if on plain paper, € 14,62 if stamped and € 0,52 for secretarial rights.


Procedure conclusion times: immediate.