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Authentication is to certify that a copy of a document conforms to the original, which must be contextually compared. In some cases it is possible to replace the authenticated copy of a document with the declaration of conformity to the original, made with a substitutive declaration of the deed of notoriety. In particular, it is possible to certify that it conforms to the original:
  • the copy of an act or document issued or retained by a public authority;
  • the copy of a publication, a degree or service.


Only copies of acts submitted to the Public Administrations can be authenticated. Copies of acts between individuals must be authenticated by the notary.


Requirements: everyone can request photocopy authentication, even those who are not resident in the municipality.


What you need: the original of the document to be authenticated and its photocopy; a revenue stamp of € 14,62 (to be purchased at a tobacconist's) if necessary; an identity document.


times: authentication is done immediately.


costs: € 0,26 for administrative fees if the copy is requested on plain paper; if the copy must be returned on legal paper, the cost is € 14,62 and € 0,52 for secretarial rights.


Procedure conclusion times: immediate.