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The permanent hiring of the staff of the Municipal Administration of Bra takes place through competition  public for posts for which a degree or diploma is required (professional category C and above), by public selection by the Center for Employment for places for which it is required In addition to the specific professional qualification, the only compulsory school license (Professional Categories A and B). Contest posts are advertised according to the law and regulations (announcements and announcements published in the PDO and the Official Bulletin of the Piedmont Region) and are widely disseminated through the press organs and the municipal website.

What you need: Participation requirements are indicated in the relevant competition notices. For more information, contact the office directly. For the places to be covered by selection, the local special request for start-up is sent to the local Employment Center (formerly the Office of Placement) of Alba-Bra, Via Vittorio Veneto n.14 / b tel.0172.412226. The Employment Center is responsible for publicizing the requests and making the goodwill among the unemployed registered in the list.