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From today, the containment measures contained in the Dpcm of 24 October. Among the provisions introduced by the new text signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, valid until November 24, the closing at 18pm bars, restaurants, pubs, pastry shops and ice cream parlors, every day, including holidays. A maximum of four customers can sit at the table; catering with home delivery, as well as catering with take-away, is always allowed, in compliance with hygienic-sanitary regulations, with a ban on consumption on site or nearby. Prohibition valid at the municipal level also for the vending machines of food and drinks on public land, active until 18pm, as per the previous ordinance of the mayor who, in recent weeks, has introduced further measures to protect public health, regulating activities and situations in which the risk of gatherings is more widespread.

The shows open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas and other open spaces, while access to museums, which in Bra can be used with limited admissions and specific organizational measures such as to avoid gatherings and guarantee distancing and safety. The activities of gyms, swimming pools, dance halls, gaming and betting rooms suspended. Access is allowed to parks and public gardens, in strict compliance with the ban on gathering as well as the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter. It is also allowed to play outdoor sports or motor activity, also in this case maintaining the safety distances (at least two meters for sports and one meter for any other activity).

It's strongly recommended not to move except for work, health, study and necessity requirements and it is mandatory, throughout the national territory, to always have respiratory protective devices with you and to wear them in indoor places other than private homes and in all places open except in cases in which the distance from non-cohabitants is guaranteed on an ongoing basis.

For the timely analysis and application of the legislation at the local level, the Coc - Municipal Operations Center met this morning.

From today, Monday 26 October, there is also a ban, limited to Piedmont, of moving from 23 pm to 5 am, as per the order of the Minister of Health, in agreement with the Piedmont Region. Proven work needs, situations of necessity and urgency, health reasons or the return home or to one's home are exceptions, which must be certified with self-declaration.

"I invite everyone to respect the provisions, they are rules designed to protect everyone's health and to try to lighten the health facilities and emergency rooms that are under pressure - comments the mayor Gianni Fogliato -. Each of us must work to bring down the epidemiological curve: it takes time, but the more we respect the rules and act individually to avoid contagion risk situations, the faster we can hope to get out of this new critical phase. For this reason I also ask everyone to 'act as an amplifier' to respect the provisions towards others, family members and everyday interlocutors, especially as regards the aspects of private life: we rely on a collective awareness for the sake of ourselves and of others against a disease that does not spare even young people (the average age of hospitalization has dropped) and which also creates difficulties of a psychological and economic nature for various operators that we must not underestimate.

I am aware that many local economic activities are in difficulty in the face of the new provisions, which many had made investments to adapt to the safety requirements in the past months and continue their work, also making an important contribution to containing infections. None of this will be forgotten and I hope that the government, as announced, will soon be able to implement effective support measures. For our part we will try to do our part in the area of ​​municipal competences.

I thank and am close to all the health and para-health personnel committed to facing the virus directly. We support their fundamental role with our daily action: if we all do our best to respect the rules and we manage to contain the infections, we will soon be able to find a new 'normal' that we all want".

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