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As indicated by map of the Region on the progress of the infection in Piedmont (last updated 22/10 at 18.30), 196 domiciled in Bra are currently positive for coronavirus.

We remind you that in the territory of Bra theorder n. 214 / 2020 signed by the mayor Gianni Fogliato, which introduces further measures to protect public health, given the epidemiological trend in the city. The ordinance regulates activities and situations in which the risk of gatherings is more widespread and also provides, among the various provisions, the ban on parties and gatherings on public land Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November, on the occasion of Halloween. It is strongly recommended to avoid organizing private parties and, as per national legislation, to receive more than six non-cohabiting people.

The trade union ordinance is in force until 13 November 2020 inclusive.

Unless otherwise specified, the provisions contained in the Dpcm of October 18, 2020 and in the national legislation remain valid, also regarding the use of masks, mandatory in all outdoor and indoor places other than private homes and in all cases in which it is not possible to guarantee the maintenance of the safety distance.

Failure to comply with the containment measures results in the imposition of an administrative sanction.

“The data continues to give us a serious picture of the situation and we cannot underestimate it - comments the mayor Gianni Fogliato -. However, at the last survey date of the regional platform, among the 196 positives, we register a dozen people who are declared cured by the ASL according to the new legislation. But we must not only look at the numbers: once again I am asking for compliance with the rules and regulations provided for by the ministerial decrees and by the ordinances of the Region and the Municipality, but above all I ask everyone to limit unnecessary travel and to give up, at least temporarily, at moments of aggregation for playful or recreational purposes, even a simple outdoor game of bowls is not allowed. We must protect the most fragile sections of the population and we must do it all together. I invite merchants, bartenders and restaurateurs to enforce the distance meter and to the patrons and customers of shops and clubs to ask that this measure is always implemented correctly. I ask young people not to form "little groups" on the street when the premises are closed, for the defense of their own health and that of our loved ones ".