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Given the significant results that place Bra among the references at a regional and national level (with an exceptional 89,47% of separate collection in 2019), the experience of the compliant bag for waste collection continues under Zizzola. The main novelty is that for the whole of 2021 it will still be possible to use the white bags with a red band distributed last year. Also, due to the covid-19 emergency, the new bag supply for next year will be delivered at home between November 16 and the end of December 2020.

These are the main innovations that characterize the collection of waste under the Zizzola for next year and of which all citizens and businesses will be informed by mid-November with a letter that will be delivered before the start of the kit distribution operations. This distribution, as in previous years, will be carried out by the STR - Waste treatment company, the company owned by the Municipality of Bra which manages, among other things, the Corso Monviso Ecoportello.

Deliveries will take place seven days a week, even in the evening, with the aim of finding the greatest number of users at home. If this is not possible, a notice will be left inviting you to book an appointment online at the Ecosportello for collection ( - booking area, active from 16 November 2020). All in order to avoid waiting and crowds in the city.

In any case, do not panic: all the white bags with red band of the 2020 equipment can still be used until they run out even in 2021. In this way, the bags of the year 2021 (same color and red stripe) can be collected in any time of year, when needed, avoiding gatherings and without having to meet deadlines.

During the distribution, no operator, who will be identified by a STR identification tag, must or may ask to enter the house for delivery operations: if this happens, please contact the police immediately. Furthermore, everything will take place in maximum safety also from a health point of view, without contact between the operator and the recipient. For any doubts, it is always possible to contact the Municipal Ecosportello on 0172.201054 or by writing to the address in the usual opening hours (Monday to Friday 8: 30-12: 30, Tuesday and Thursday from 14 to 17:30).

Obviously, as in the last two years, the kits will be delivered only to those registered in the municipal TARI (Waste Tax) database, based on the amount due for the relative tax. Anyone who has not yet communicated any new users to the Tax Office of the Municipality of Bra can do so by calling 0172.438333 or by writing to the address

Info: City of Bra - Waste Ecosportello

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