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On Saturday 24 October 2020 the hundred and third Giro d'Italia will touch Bra. The Alba-Sestriere stage will in fact see the runners take the state road 231 up to the Burdina Cruise roundabout and then join the provincial 7 which will be covered up to the top of the Bergoglio climb in the Municipality of Cherasco and head towards Marene. The caravan is scheduled to enter the Braid area around 11,22 am and should end at 11,40 am.

There will be possible inconveniences due to congested traffic from 9 to 13, also because the section of the provincial road affected by the race will be closed to vehicular traffic about two hours before the passage of the race. The police, assisted by the members of the Civic Group of Civil Protection volunteers and by the volunteers of the Braid detachment of the National Carabinieri Association on leave, guard the path.

The passage of the race will also have repercussions on two urban transport lines, which will see some races canceled: this is the line 4 Bra-Cherasco-Bricco and line 1, which brings the people from Bra to the new Verduno hospital. All changes are indicated on the website of the Sac, service manager. (rb)


Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police
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