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The validity of the additional measures to protect public health, contained in the ordinance signed today by the mayor of Bra Gianni Fogliato in relation to the epidemiological trend in the city, in addition to state and regional provisions and the previous ordinance, extends until November 13, 2020 of last October 16.

The provision, effective from tomorrow 22 October, incorporates the measures introduced by the new Dpcm of 18 October and, in line with the previous ordinance, regulates activities and situations in which the risk of gatherings is more widespread, as per the Department's intervention proposal. prevention of ASL Cn2 and comparison with the Prefecture and the Region.

In addition to what was previously provided for the rides in Piazza Giolitti (which will cease their activity on 25 October), for the betting rooms and for amateur sports and motor activities and recreational recreational activities carried out inside closed places without suitable protocols , the ordinance regulates the sale of food and beverages through automatic appliances on public land, which will be active until 18 pm with a ban on consumption on the spot or nearby, while the catering business with take-away (pizza by the slice, ice cream parlors, kebabs, etc.) is allowed until 24, but with a ban on drink on site or nearby as early as 18pm.

The activity of bars and restaurants with consumption at the table (maximum of six people), and standing up to 18 pm, both inside and in the dehors.

As regards the sports the managers of gyms, swimming pools, centers and sports clubs must display the safety protocol adopted outside the structure, informing customers and clearly indicating the maximum number of crowds expected. The use of changing rooms must be limited only to cases where it is strictly essential.

It is also forbidden to organize parties and gatherings on public land, including static ones, on Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November on the occasion of Halloween, and it is strongly recommended to avoid organizing private parties and, as per national legislation, to receive more than six non-cohabitants.

"I ask my citizens for cooperation and respect for the rules - comments the mayor Gianni Fogliato -. The data on infections is particularly significant and returns to affect more fragile sections of the population, requiring supplementary measures for the protection of everyone's health. In this moment more than ever, compliance with the rules and responsible behavior is essential: I renew the request to the operators of public places so that compliance with the provisions concerning the sector is guaranteed (in particular the distance of the meter to the tables) to the sense of community of the people of Braida, to avoid having to arrive at further, even more impactful measures. Attention, failure to comply with the rules does not only have costs in terms of public health: penalties from 400 to 1000 euros are foreseen for offenders".

Unless otherwise specified in this ordinance, the provisions contained in the Dpcm of October 18, 2020 remain in force. The complete text of the ordinance is available on the Municipal Praetorian Register and at this link . (Em)