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The Municipality of Bra has signed together with Ascom Bra, Confartigianato Cuneo and three local credit institutions (Bank of Cherasco, Bank of Alba e Credit Bank P. Azzoaglio) an agreement to facilitate access to credit and support the digitalization processes of small and medium-sized companies in Bra particularly damaged by the effects and measures to combat the covid-19 health emergency.

Two intervention measures:

  • credit access
  • support for digitization processes aimed at implementing sales channels through IT-telematic tools.

Who can benefit from the intervention?

Companies with:

  • operational headquarters in the Municipality of Bra:
  • turnover in the year 2018 of less than € 400.000,00;
  • che abbiano subito un calo di fatturato nel bimestre aprile/maggio 2020 pari almeno ad un terzo dell’analogo periodo dell’anno 2019 (comprovato da evidenze contabili o sulla base di documenti fiscalmente rilevanti), tranne per le categorie che rientrano tra quelle previste nei c.d. "Decreti Ristori" ai fini del rilascio degli interventi della "misura 2";


measure 1: Access to credit

The signatory credit institutions (Bank of Cherasco, Bank of Alba e Credit Bank P. Azzoaglio) undertake not to apply expenses and / or commissions on loans for a maximum amount of € 60.000,00 for a period of 5 years of the contracts signed, for a maximum amount of € 250 for each individual company if already current account holders at the institutions that signed the agreement with the Municipality of Bra. In the case of companies that do not have relations with the signatory credit institutions, the maximum amount of the non-applied expenditure is reduced by half (€ 125).

The loans provide for the payment of the first installment only after twelve months from the disbursement and the application of a zero interest rate (TAN) for the first 12 (twelve) months of the loan. For the remaining months of the loan, a variable rate equal to a 1% increase in the 6-month Euribor rate will be applied, with a minimum value of 1%, without the application of additional expenses.

The intervention will be provided directly by the signatory banks and the practice will be carried out directly at the respective branches.

Where to find the signatory banks of the agreement in Bra

Bank of Cherasco: Piazza Carlo Alberto 8 (0172.430679), Via Vittorio Emanuele II 46 (0172.423820), website

Bank of Alba: Piazza Carlo Alberto 34 (0172.439057), website

Credit Bank P. Azzoaglio: Via Giuseppe Verdi 10 (0172.430488), website


Measure 2: Support for digitization

The announcement (published in full at the bottom of the page) is aimed at issuing vouchers to reimburse plant, development and training costs for the activation of an innovation path for one's own economic activity which has its final objective in the digitization of sales procedures. The companies that will receive the vouchers will have the right to have their economic activity hosted on a city marketplace platform that will be implemented as part of the agreement between the Municipality of Bra and the signatory trade associations.

The vouchers have a maximum amount of € 250 for each individual company that has incurred eligible expenses equal to or greater than € 500 or € 350 for each company with an amount of expenditure equal to or greater than € 700 for companies registered with the associations signing the agreement with the Municipality of Bra (Ascom Bra, Confartigianato Cuneo). In the case of companies not registered with the two signatory associations, the voucher is reduced by half (respectively € 125 for eligible expenses equal to or greater than 500 and € 175 for expenses exceeding € 700).

The voucher reimburses installation costs, for the creation or review of the company website, activation of electronic commerce functions (e-commerce), adherence to the city marketplace platforms, presence on the most qualified national or international marketplace platforms, activation of specific training courses to have the basic tools for the implementation of sales channels through IT-telematic tools.

The initial endowment of the distributable vouchers is € 60.000 and will be assigned by request "at the counter", in chronological order. The checks on the compliance with the self-certified requirements will be carried out ex officio by the Municipality of Bra with the help of the tax police and the bodies in charge of control, as provided from art. 43 of Presidential Decree 455/2000.

The application can be submitted directly or through one of the signatory associations by writing to the certified email address attaching the duly signed application form and the attached required documentation. Deadline for submission 28.02.2021.


Examples of expenses allowed or not allowed for the issue of the voucher

Expenditure allowed: adaptation of the website to implement online sales functions / Expenditure not allowed: business pc purchase

Expenditure allowed: specialized training aimed at activating an e-commerce path / Expenditure not allowed: computer literacy course

Expenditure allowed: useful hardware to guarantee contactless payments / Expenditure not allowed: company pc replacement

Expenditure allowed: purchase of SaaS cloud computing services for e-commerce / Expenditure not allowed: corporate connectivity contract


More information

Ascom Bra: Via Milano 8 (0172.413030), website

Confartigianato Cuneo branch of Bra: Piazza Giovanni Arpino 35 (0172.429611), website

Municipality of Bra Financial division: Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 14 (0172.438282), website

Download this file (agreement_comunebancheassociliazione_240920.pdf)agreement_comunebancheasociations_240920.pdf[The text of the agreement signed on 24.09.2020]6370 kB
Download this file (bando_voucher_digitalizzazione.pdf)Call for vouchers.[The call.]153 kB
Download this file (modulo_voucher_ecommerce2020.pdf)Voucher module.[The module.]175 kB