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The already copious calendar of autumn events in Bra will be further enriched by four shows at the Politeama Boglione theater. These are the dates of the 2019/2020 season that have been postponed in spring due to the lockdown imposed by the pandemic. The shows will now be replicated over two days in order to ensure the necessary distance between the spectators, who will be divided between the two dates.

The first appointment is scheduled for 9 and 10 October 2020. It is "Youth is overestimated" by Gioele Dix, with Paolo Hendel. He realizes that he is "dangerously" approaching the season of old age and that the time has come to deal with "the hated threshold of old age". He does it in his own way, in a sort of self-deprecating confession about the passing years, with all that this entails: anxieties, hypochondria, the fashion for aesthetic retouching and the inevitable reflections.

November 2 and 3 will be the turn of "The Red Lion", which replaces "A real tragedy". The show, directed by Marcello Cotugno and with Nello Mascia, Andrea Renzi and Lorenzo Scalzo, analyzes with irony and ruthlessness the world full of contradictions and ambitions of amateur football, illuminated / obscured by the chimera of the young promises to be launched into the paradise of professionalism. The coach and the elderly factotum of the team move around a young talent, trying to profit from his skills.

Followed on 12 and 13 December "Two barrel a week", by and with Marco Marzocca, who will play ten characters, giving life to continuous twists. A show that will rediscover the pleasure of Italian comedy, which continually plays on the relationship between theater and “live”, insisting on the specific diversity that differentiates the world of theater from that of reality.

This mini-theater review "The Black Blues Brothers" closes, the only one of the events to be staged in a single evening on December 18th. The show is set in an elegant Cotton Club style venue where, following the whims of a whimsical vintage radio that broadcasts rhythm'n'blues music, the barman and attendants are transformed into equilibrists, flag-wavers and jugglers with fire.

All appointments begin at 21 pm and are reserved for season ticket holders and those who had purchased tickets for the postponed shows. No new tickets will be offered for sale. Spectators are also asked to give prior confirmation of their participation in the Tourism and Culture Office at 0172.430185 to allow for optimal distribution of the public. (rb)


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