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Municipality of Bra "on the front line" for the start of the school year. During the meeting of 2 September 2020 with the school directors of all the city schools and the representatives of the parents, the situation and the measures implemented to comply with the provisions on anti-Covid prevention were taken stock.

The municipal administration of Bra has confirmed the school services under its responsibility and the rates in force last year for pre and post-school hours, after-school, canteen, transport, against higher costs that will be borne by the municipal budget. All the nursery, primary and middle schools of Bra, then, have been involved in recent months by a survey to verify the requirements of the spaces to accommodate students starting from September 14th. Several interventions have been carried out to adapt the rooms and furnishings where necessary. At the Edoardo Mosca school in via Montegrappa, for example, 14 classrooms have been extended, while a new classroom has been built on the first floor at the “Dalla Chiesa” school and a fire escape cover has been created which will be used as a second entrance. Significant interventions also to the "Piumati" media for the extension of a classroom and the construction of separation walls and new access to the spaces on the second floor of the building in via Craveri that will be granted to the Province to host some high school classes . Also planned will be the modification of the tables of all the primary school refectories with larger planks to comply with the distancing provisions during meals. For all the structures, the purchase of the necessary furnishings for the new spaces identified was arranged.

Energy requalification at the "Jona"

In the past few weeks, however, the primary school “A. Jona ”di Bandito was affected by planned energy requalification and extraordinary maintenance interventions to improve the thermal insulation and the insulation of some parts of the building. The windows, the heat generator and the refectory lighting (with LEDs) have also been replaced.

Transport: call for the Pedibus

As regards the issue of school transport, the Municipality is working in particular, together with the Municipality of Cavallermaggiore and the higher education institutes, to resolve the critical issues linked to the suppression of the Bra-Cavallermaggiore railway line. In favor of the little ones, however, an appeal to find more volunteers / carers to upgrade the "Pedibus" that allows you to reach schools on foot every morning.


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