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On Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September 2020 a confirmatory popular referendum was called for the approval of the text of the constitutional law concerning "Amendments to articles 56, 57 and 59 of the Constitution regarding the reduction of the number of parliamentarians". Voting takes place on Sunday from 7 to 23, while on Monday from 7 to 15.



ELECTORAL OFFICE HOURS: On the occasion of the referendum appointment, the Electroal Office of the Municipality of Bra will follow an extended schedule: Friday 18 and Saturday 19 will be open from 9 to 18, Sunday from 7 to 23 and Monday 21 from 7 to 15. office will be allowed from via Monte di Pietà (even without reservation) on a contingent basis and only if equipped with a mask. Hours and methods of access to the office

VOTING SEATS: The Municipality of Bra has endeavored to identify, set up and adapt the premises of the school complexes that were not used by pupils for lessons, in order to favor the continuation of the teaching activity. There are no changes of address: each voter can present himself at the address shown on his electoral card, where he will find clear indications to reach the room used as a polling station. Download the list of seat locations here


APPOINTMENT OF SCRUTORS: All subjects currently enrolled in the municipal register of tellers, who are interested in being appointed tellers on the occasion of the constitutional referendum on 20 and 21 September next, are invited to report their availability by filling in and signing the attached form and sending it in, together with a copy of a valid identity document, to the Electoral Office of the Municipality of Bra in the manner indicated no later than Friday 28 August 2020The notice and the form (pdf format) - The notice and the form (word format - fillable)

TEMPORARILY VOTERS ABROAD: Voters who are temporarily abroad have the possibility to send their voting option by post, fax or e-mail to the municipality of registration in the electoral roll by 19 August using thespecific form.

VOTING AT HOME: The notice and the application form

VOTE DIFFERENTLY ABLE: Transport and communications service

VOTERS SUBJECT TO HOME TREATMENT: Voters who find themselves in conditions of quarantine or fiduciary isolation for Covid-19 have the possibility to ask to exercise the right to vote at their home in a period between 10 and 15 September.


La convening of meetings

La convocation of the municipal electoral commission to appoint the tellers




Bra Electoral Office

via Barbacana 6 (first floor) - from Monday to Friday 8.45am-12.45pm, Thursday also in the afternoon, from 15pm to 16pm.

phone: 0172.438386 - mail: